Transformers: Energon, DVD Review!

Coming to DVD on May 6th 2014 is Transformers: Energon the complete series. Containing 7 disks and a slipcase, this set is truly for fans of the Energon series.

Packed with 51 half hour episodes and retailing for around $45.00, this set is actually priced to own.

Brought to you by SHOUT! Factory and Hasbro; Transformers: Energon takes place after the movie and the series’ in-between. The concept of this series is once again a battle between both the Autobots and Decepticons for Energon, the energy source that even in the original, the two groups craved. This series also has a bit of a stretched out storyline where it changes everything that those who grew up in the 80’s knew and loved.

I do have to say that Megatron is pretty cool and down the road he becomes Galvatron, however, it kind of makes it a re-hash of the original. On top of that, this is very “Japanese coming to the States;” the story feels awkward and the animation is kind of strange with the backgrounds being hand drawn and the robots being CG and looking stiff and almost motionless sometimes. Optimus Prime now becomes “Super” with four vehicles in his trailer that make him larger and more powerful. There are a lot of flaws—but that is what I see with my eyes because I grew up with the classic cartoon from the 80’s and I don’t accept any of the others except Transformers Animated and most of Transformers Prime (even though I’m not a fan of CG).

Story-wise, Energon is not really that bad, there is a lot of action, but it becomes so cookie cutter with Prime doing his transformation and then winning. Visually, the DVD is of digital quality, however as said before, the hand drawn backgrounds with the CG characters is distracting.

The sound is as good as your speakers can handle and all in all, it’s a perfect set for those who grew up with this series and loved it as much as I loved the 80’s original.

GRADE: B- (I’m having a hard time getting over the two styles of art used).

Pick it up at for a great deal!

pixel Transformers: Energon, DVD Review!

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