Transformers Meet Style

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So I was out shopping and I always tend to google the toy section, because that’s what 29 year old guys who live with mum and dad do. I always like to see how the remake of my childhood toys get butchered, or sometimes get cool remakes. I ran across a toyline I could not afford as a kid, but held very deeply to my heart,  Transformers. More than meets the eye, more than my wallet could afford.

At quick glance, a huge hunk of shit caught my eye…

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I could not help but to look, in this rare instant, disgust quickly turned into admiration. I started noticing things that distinguished a talented character designer’s work above the norm. For starters, the silhouette is very strong, then I noticed the face. The face told me who he was, strong but not aggressive. I went on and noticed that the colors were strong and well coordinated. He read sort of like a medieval dwarf! And that was so fitting for the triceratop’s luggy design.
TFAnimated Snarl Transformers Meet Style

AnimatedSnarl1jpg2 Transformers Meet Style

Then I glanced over next to him and I saw another hunk of SH– wait! If Snarl was already serenading to my lust and love for strong design, then lets give this smaller piece of SH-ugh figure a good look.
swoop2 Transformers Meet Style

TFAnimated Swoop Transformers Meet Style

Once again I studied the design carefully and was in admiration. Bamn! The silhouette read strong again with this design. The long and slender design reads and resonates well, right down to his facial expression. I looked at them side by side and saw contrast that I have never seen before in this level when it came to Transformers. I was like wow! and picked up both packages and looked at the backs to see what else was released and what I have missed.

300px OptimusPrimeAnimated Transformers Meet Style
I was disappointed with there Prime I must say. I think it needs more refinement. His outline was strong but didn’t cater much of that of a Viking leader, but more of a slender hero. Prime always had this tough, buff look to him. This look did not cater to that or the fact that he is a freight truck, where as the other two Dinobots are designed respectfully to their dino forms. Sadly I was not also fond of Megatron either.

So I went back to Starbucks after this lil trip, because….that’s what 29 year old guys who live at home with mum and dad do when there out gogglin at toys. I met up with my good buddies and had this nice lil feeling from what I saw. I tried explaining to them and one of them is a purest and just hated what he had seen on the new look, somewhere. As me and my other buddy started designing, my “design high” and hunger for good design shot up and thought about how those figures were only $7 a piece O_O, Wait, $7 a piece?? Last time I checked most Transformers that size were like $9 and up easily. So I ran back and decided I must have ’em. I bought them and came home and did some googlin on my PC for Grimlock and others in the same toy line.

Grimlock was what I expected and looked great, but among that, I ran across this thing and knew I had to have it.

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2406418785 79ed9907b4 Transformers Meet Style
His name is Bulkhead. I have quite a collection of toys in my room and this one has got the most compliments in the shortest time. This big motherfucker is really uniquely defined, and I do love that head a lot! That Gutsman jaw (underbite) he has is awesome and adds a lot of character to who he is.

Now I love the old original ones and they will always have a nice lil fuzzy place in my heart. They were great for there time and still worth collecting but I really do appreciate the new ones a lot more after looking at the old ones. They look great, but they really all do look alike at a glance when you look at their faces . Not bad designs at all, but also not as strong as they could be.

Transformers were built more for a functional purpose over stylization, many don’t realize this. Now style is starting to sink in and its looking great….well for some anyway.

Dinobots Transformers Meet Style

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pixel Transformers Meet Style

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