Transformers Review – More Than Meets the Eye?

transformers Transformers Review   More Than Meets the Eye?

Before I review the movie, let me tell you that I am not a big Transformers’ fan. I never collected the figures, never watched the series but enjoyed the animated movie.

Last night, I was fortunate enough to attend the L.A.’s premiere. I will post some pics of the event later, including the afterparty (open bar and free food)!

What you see in the trailer is pretty much what you get in the movie. Michael Bay knew what the audience wanted and he delivers. I’m not going to describe the plot in detail but it is similar to the animated movie: Two robot clans battling it out for an energy source with some humans involved in it.

The movie starts with great energy as we are shown what these robots can do to the U.S. military. The pace slows down after the scene as we are introduced to the main characters, Sam(Shia LaBeouf) and Mikaela(Meagan Fox). For the next hour, we get minor battles and we discover why the robots are here. Bay finally learned that non stop action(Bad Boys 2) is overkill. Instead of showing major action piece one after another, Bay builds up the tension and gives us a final battle that is creative and kicks ass.

Just like with other Bay films, there are some juvenile and forced jokes. There were too many comedic moments in this movie and would have been better if they cut some out. Don’t get me wrong, there are some laugh out loud moments, especially with Anthony Anderson. While LaBeouf was excellent as the lead, most of the actors were pretty bad. Tyrese and Josh Duhamel part as U.S. Rangers were bland, while Meagan Fox just stands around posing like a model.

Since we watch the movie for the robots and not the acting, it was still very entertaining. Let me just say this right now: This movie will win best special effects come Oscars’ time. The way the robots transforms into vehicles and vice versa is just so flawless and smooth. What’s equally impressive is the way the robots move: mechanical, yet organic: it was believable. I have always been impressed with Bay’s shot and this one has all the trademark Bay shots. If you expect cool shots you will get it.

Does it meet more than the eye? No, it doesn’t because what you see in the trailer is what you get in the movie: great action sequences and giant robots causing destruction on a major city.

Grade: A

pixel Transformers Review   More Than Meets the Eye?

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