Tron 3 Set For Greenlight

swan Tron 3 Set For Greenlight

With Tron Legacy closing in on $250 million at box office worldwide, Disney is already thinking of a third installment.  Disney has hired the writers from Tron Legacy, Adam Horowitz and Edward Kitsis, to write a third story.  No announcement yet has been made about the story but Tron Legacy director, Joseph Kosinski said he is happy to to do a third film and said the following through MTV:

“If audiences are interested in this movie and decide they want to go back, and we can find the right story and a way to push the envelope again, I would definitely consider going back.”

There are endless possibilities what the third Tron will be about but I’m guessing it’ll focus more on the real world more than its predcessors because of the sequel’s ending.  Through Reelz Channel,  Olivia Wilde, , who played Quorra in the movie hinted that Edward Dillinger Jr. (Cillian Murphy) might be the villain in part 3:

“His part in Tron Legacy is so mysterious and cool. His role really fits into the mythology of Tron, the corrupt environment of ENCOM. It just shows you that this fight is far from over”

The budget for Tron Legacy is in the ballpark of  $175 million and the rule of thumb is that it needs to make 2.5 times the budget at the box office to be considered profitable.   That means Legacy needs to make $437 million  to be a success.  But keep in mind there’s plenty of tie ins and merchandises for this movie including toys, soundtrack, home video and Disney theme park attractions. 

Let’s hope there’ll be more awesome battle scenes and siren in the third Tron!

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