‘Tron Guy’ Reviews Tron Legacy

tron guy Tron Guy Reviews Tron Legacy

A brief summary from Wired of what Tron Guy had to say about the film.

“Perhaps the emotional ending influenced my final reaction. As the credits rolled, I had to fight off tears. I would have been deeply honored and pleased to have my name associated with Tron: Legacy in some way, even if the sequel had stunk up the theater. With the film as outstanding as it actually turned out, that would have been an experience like no other. Instead, I walked out of the theater to my cold truck, determined to not let my feelings show. Nobody there would have understood.”

Who would’ve though that Tron Guy is emotional. In short, he gave the film a good review and doesn’t feel that the special effects tarnished the storyline of the film.

pixel Tron Guy Reviews Tron Legacy

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