TV Review: Geek Love

Geek Love TLC1 TV Review: Geek Love
Geek Love made it’s TLC debut yesterday and while it was fun, I learned something new about my fellow nerds.  The show follows 3 socially awkward New York Comic-Con attendees as they enter speed dating.  There’s Sal, he works at Game Stop.  His house is filled with Marvel statues and video game memorabilias.  Then he bought a $200 Iron Man costume for the event.   I wondered how this guy can afford all of the stuff he…Game Stop doesn’t pay that well…right?

Then there’s the lovable nerd, Gerald.  His intro already makes you root for him.  He has a ton of Star Wars collectibles and can speak Wookiee.  I was cheering for him to connect with someone.  I respect him for at least trying it out.  He seemed so anti social. 

The last person is a female Harry Potter junkie, Kelly.  She seemed to be the most social out of all the three.  She talked a lot but she said it happens when she’s nervous. 

Each one met 29 other nerds of the oppsite sex (I think there’s also a gay speed dating because they would ask each contestant if they were interested in the opposite or same sex).  I’m probably being too harsh but I expected the geeks to care more about the personality than looks, yet Sal was getting the most attention just for wearing the Iron Man costume.  Really nerds?  We all complain how we shouldn’t be judged on our physical appearrance yet this is what’s happening at the event.  Hypocrite much?  To be fair, some cared more about the interests and hobbies.

There’s some awkward and funny moments from the 90 minute event (cut down to a 5 minute segment).  After the speed dating is done, whoever made a connection has a chance for a second date.  The camera follows  them on their second date. 

The 30 minute show is good but I think it’s better presented for a full hour.  With the show being longer, we can learn more about the contestants and follow up with the relationships down the road.

TLC is still trying out the show so it hasn’t confirmed to more episodes.  It’s an enjoyable show, let’s hope the mainstream viewers liked it as well.

Grade: B+

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