TV Review: Legend of Korra Episode 5 “Go Mako!”

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The moment when Mako officially became a badass. 

I cannot believe I’m saying this but… I think Mako may be the character who I’m able to relate to the most out of everyone in the show and because he’s the only sane person left in the A-plot, he may very well become my favorite character if they keep going in this direction with him. What could possibly make me go from utterly despising Mako to him being the only character left whose side I’m on? Well you just need to make everyone act like a complete fucking idiot!

Following their escape from the South Pole, Team Avatar returns to RepublicCity in order to convince the President of the UnitedRepublic to send military aid to the Southern Water Tribe rebels and to end the war down there. The President tells her that if they send their fleet to the South, it would result in the Fire Nation and EarthKingdom getting involved, the UnitedRepublic crumbling and it would start another world war.

What does Korra have to say about this? Well she reacts to this about as well as you expect and she begins plotting her own war against the North with some help from Asami, Varrick and even Iroh completely forgetting the fact that if she involves the UnitedRepublic in any way it’ll start another goddamn war! But since Korra is a moron of epic proportions, she doesn’t care and just proceeds with the plan without stopping to think about the consequences of her actions.

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I feel like I’m beating a dead horse at this point but Korra is without a doubt the worst aspect of the entire show, bar none. This episode takes her bitch level from the premiere and increases it 10 fold. The way she treats everyone and her complete lack of thinking anything through is just unbearable at this point. She completely ignores the Presidents wise council, she treats her boyfriend like shit because he’s the only one making any sense in this whole situation and she’s just such a terrible, poorly written and unlikable character, I cringe every time she’s on screen. She simply fails to understand the fact that things can be her fault to and blaming everyone around you for your own mistakes won’t solve anything.

Going back to Mako all I have too say is WWWWWWWWOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! You go Mako! Tell that bitch girlfriend of yours like it is! In case you hadn’t noticed this episode just made me like Mako so much I was just rooting for him the whole way through. Him confronting Korra about her piss poor judgment and her lack of foresight was easily the highlight of the episode and I was so pissed off he was being treated like crap for essentially having good judgment and thinking things through.

Mako was like me in the show, the guy who was pointing out just how asinine everyone was acting, the guy who was trying to keep everyone from just rushing into things without thinking things through and it annoyed me so much that Korra and Lin both treated him like crap because of it. I hope to God there’s a moment later on where Mako just has a “I told you so!” moment once things get really bad.

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While Mako was the guy I was rooting for, everyone else was acting like a complete freaking imbecile! Varrick, Asami, Bolin, Lin and even Iroh were all making just these unbelievably stupid decisions that no sane individual could possibly make though this surprised me to varying degrees depending on who was going to be the top dumb ass in next scene.

Varrick is fully supporting Korra in her insane plan but something interesting could be developing with him possibly being involved in the Southern Water Tribe cultural center being bombed, Asami really shocked me when she was so eager  to sell her dads mechs to the South to help save her company, firstly I don’t believe she would ever support a conflict that could end up starting a world war just for profit and even if she did, she never has a moment where she stops and thinks about the moral implications of it all, she just jumps right into it.

Bolin is also supporting Varrick by starring in the first ever war propaganda movie which was really cool too see but again it kind of feels like they’re just making stuff up for him to do when he has little to no bearing on the main plot. Now if you thought Korra was an idiot, Lin and Iroh are sure as fuck eager to steal the number 1 position away from her.

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Iroh is perfectly fine with going behind the Presidents back, leading his troops to the South and helping to instigate a second world war just because Korra asked him, never mind the fact he’s the son of the Fire Lord and heir to the throne and if he does this he will get court martialed and/or disowned by his family but he doesn’t care until the President himself comes in and tells him this. But wait, we still have his competitor in the biggest dumb ass in LoK, Lin Beifong!

Its a well known fact I really dislike Lin mostly because her judgment is piss poor just like Korras, I mean this is the woman who was willing to risk the lives of thousands of civilians and dozens of her own officers just to prove some BS point to Amon in episode 6, and her Mako comes in and gives her concrete evidence about the cultural center bombing where the North was NOT responsible for it and she tells him to piss off like the moron she is. Tenzin was right on the money when he said Korra and Lin were alike, they’re both idiots in positions of power and influence with piss poor judgment.

Seriously were all the old characters complete failures as parents? Their children either feel neglected or act like they never learned any goddamn responsibility.

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Speaking of Tenzin, his sub plot was also pretty boring this episode with him trying to teach his son Meelo how to command his respect. Its a cool idea but it feels like they just made it up for the sake of having Tenzin do something for the episode, its not like the previous ones where he’s learning something with his siblings or his children and developing as a character, ultimately his sub plot was also pretty meh but still leaps and bounds better than the A-story.

The animation does look better her with Republic City looking more diverse than it used too and the vibrant colors used for it were really appealing to look at but the character designs and the animation for the fighting is still pretty sub-par, I really hope the old studio comes back soon because I seriously need something else to help me keep coming back every week except Tenzins family stuff and Mako being the only sane person left in the main story.

So was “Peacekeepers” a bad episode? Saying it was bad is the understatement of the century, it had some of the most spectacularly stupid character choices I have ever seen in my life, the main story didn’t move an inch, Tenzins whole mini plot with Meelo was pretty boring and did I mention the fact the characters have all gotten Korra syndrome where they act like complete mother fucking idiots!!! Thank god for Mako acting like a sane individual or else this episode would have gotten an F————


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