TV Review: Smallville Season 10, Episode 1 “Lazarus”

Smallville 5 TV Review: Smallville Season 10, Episode 1 “Lazarus”

Smallville started its tenth and final season Friday night. As a massive fan of the show I’ve decided to recap/review each and every episode up to the historic series finale. Check back here every week for my latest Smallville reviews.

Lazarus is the first episode of season 10. After a strong 9th season, Smallville hits the ground running with a solid mix of adventure and storytelling. The episode has a necessary amount of setup needed for the rest of the season while quickly resolving the cliffhangers of the season finale of season 9. The episode begins with Clark falling to the ground with a blue kryptonite dagger still in his chest. Lois (now knowing Clark’s secret) removes the dagger and saves Clark. Clark has a near-death experience and learns of his new foe, pride. Clark is warned by Jor-El that there is darkness in his heart, shown previously during a dramatic showdown where Clark almost kills a sinister, creepy Lex Luthor clone. There’s a nice action scene where Clark saves bystanders and a wonderful seen with the deceased Pa Kent (played with warmth and charm by an always welcome John Schneider). The acting and pace were solid and Darkseid is teased in an excellent final scene. Next week, the awesome Batman villain known as Deadshot comes to Smallville, the episode looks good and I’ve included the teaser below.

Grade: B+

0 TV Review: Smallville Season 10, Episode 1 “Lazarus”

pixel TV Review: Smallville Season 10, Episode 1 “Lazarus”

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