TV Review: Robot Combat League

Sy Fy Channel’s take on Real Steel is an engaging and fun hour series. Robot Combat League started last night on Sy Fy and after a slow start, it was loads of mindless fun. Smarmy/likable WWE star Chris Jericho with his charismatic presence and amused smirk, is the perfect host for this fun bit of robot smashing action. The major problem with the series is that it took too long to get to the robot action. Introducing the contestants and setting up the premise took far too long, something that probably has to do with budget concerns, but it is something that should be fixed in the future.

Robot TV Review: Robot Combat League

Robot Combat League features teams of two people who control massive robots who battle it out in a cheesy “arena” similar to something you’d see on American Gladiators. The teams seem like an intelligent, likable bunch. They include a bunch of robotic experts, athletes, and the daughter of George Lucas. When he finally get to the homoerotic robot on robot action, the show does not disappoint. Sparks fly like the swordfights in Highlander and hydraulic fluids spray all over the place. Robot Combat League needs a few tweaks and small fixes, but it looks like Sy Fy has a winner. Battlebots for the Facebook generation.

Sy Fy Channel-Tuesdays at 10pm

Grade: B

pixel TV Review: Robot Combat League

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