Twilight: New Moon, Crushes Nerds!

twilight new moon poster11 Twilight: New Moon, Crushes Nerds!

You know how nerds are suppose to be serious business when it comes to their favorite franchises making it to the big screen?  Year after year, “nerd” movies such as the Lord Of The Rings, Transformers, Dark Knight,  and Harry Potter break box office records.   Well, that trend might have just come to an end as Twilight: New Moon is reported to have raked in $26 million on midnight showings alone.  The demographics for Twilight are teenage girls that aren’t really considered nerdy but after this, will they be considered nerds?

Here’s a report from

“BREAKING NEWS! FRIDAY AM: Rival studios are telling me this morning that Summit Entertainment’s New Moon debuted with $23M-$24M in 12:01AM screenings. That would set a new midnight opening record, smashing The Dark Knight’s $18.4M set on July 18, 2008, and Harry Potter And The Half Blood Prince’s $22.2M set on July 15, 2009. Summit has yet to release an official number for the Twilight sequel’s midnight debut in 3,514 theaters. ”

To all the nerds that are heart broken about this news, check out the image below.  It might make you feel better:

twilight vagina Twilight: New Moon, Crushes Nerds!


pixel Twilight: New Moon, Crushes Nerds!

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