UFC 102 Predictions

ufc102poster UFC 102 Predictions

Randy Couture vs. Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira – A great match-up between the sport’s two legends. Both are very well-versed on the ground with Couture being the better wrestler, and Nogueira being the better submission artist. I don’t think that both fighters will go for the takedowns early on. Couture saw what Mir did to Nogueira on their feet, so I think that Couture will try to stand and go for the KO. Somehow, I see this fight hitting the ground, where Nogueira’s submission game will come into play. Randy will make a mistake, and Noguiera will submit him via Triangle Choke. Nogueira by Triangle Choke – Rd. 2

Rodrigo Nogueira triangle choke Coleman UFC 102 Predictions
Nogueira’s infamous triangle choke/armbar

Keith Jardine vs. Thiago Silva – An interesting fight, since I really dislike Silva. Jardine held his ground against Rampage Jackson, but lost to a split decision. Silva, however, is an overrated fighter due to his 13-1 record. He was never tested against an elite fighter until he fought Machida, and Machida finished him before the first round ended. Jardine should have the edge in the stand-up, and I feel that he can finish Silva by TKO. Jardine by TKO, Round 2.

090201 MachidaFinish ss full UFC 102 Predictions
Silva gets KOd by Machida

Chris Leben vs. Jake Rosholt – Rosholt is not a very well known fighter but he has 5 TKOs in his record. But, Leben is a well-rounded fighter with a lot of experience in the Octagon. However, I have a feeling that Rosholt will take this via TKO. Roshot by TKO – Rd. 3

Nate Marquardt vs. Demian Maia – This should be a good fight between the two technical grapplers. Maia is known for submissions, while Marquadt is a solid all-around fighter. There’s no doubt that this fight will hit the ground, and once on the ground, look for some beautiful Jiu-jitsu maneuvers from Maia. But, I don’t think that Maia can submit Marquardt. Marquardt will lay on top of Maia, and win via JD. Marquardt by JD.

Brandon Vera vs. Krzysztof Soszynski – Vera, once considered to be the next HW star has been on a slump lately. Sozynski is a solid wrestler and trains with Dan Henderson at the Team Quest camp. But, Vera’s striking skills are way better. If Vera can keep this fight standing up, he will KO Soszynski. I feel that Sozynski’s wrestling is good enough to take Vera down, then he can just lay on Vera for the win. Soszynski by JD.

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