UFC 108 Predictions

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Rashad Evans vs. Thiago Silva – Evans will run through Silva in this fight. Evans’ camp is known for their strategy. Evans has the upper hand in wrestling, and his striking has tremendously improved. I see this fight ending the way Evans defeated Griffin. They will stand toe to toe, Silva’s sloppy striking will get countered, Silva will get dropped and finished off on the ground via TKO.
Evans by TKO – Rd. 2

Dustin Hazelett vs. Paul Daley – Daley is a good striker with a long reach, but this match will be a toss up. Both fighters have shown impressive skills with their victories, but none against top contenders. Hazelett is a submission guy, so he needs to take this fight to the ground before he gets caught by Daley’s long reach. Daley’s ground game is questionable, if this fight hits the matt, it might very well be over. I predict that the fight will go to the ground, and Hazelett will be the victor via armbar.
Hazelett by Armbar – Rd. 1

Joe Lauzon vs. Sam Stout – Lauzon should win this because he has a superior ground game than Stout. But, Stout is no slouch and is very hard to beat. He is an all-around fighter, but master at none. He has no specialty, his wins usually comes from decisions. Lauzon is slightly better in the stand-up, and much better on the ground. Lauzon should win this via ground control.
Lauzon via UD

Jim Miller vs. Duane Ludwig – Ludwig is fun to watch on his feet. His Muay Thai is top-notch, and his ground game is decent. Miller is an all-around fighter with a lot of heart. He will keep pushing the pace until the end. Unfortunately for Miller, Ludwig will capitalize on this by countering with devastating combos. Ludwig should win this via KO.
Ludwig by KO – Rd. 1

Junior Dos Santos (JDS) vs. Gilbert Yvel – This is the fight that I am mostly looking forward to. Two aggressive fighters going toe to toe will be delightful for any fight fans. Dos Santos’ last fight was against the super-hyped, Mirko Crocop, Dos Santos made Crocop quit. Yvel is a decent MMA fighter, but he is a great striker. He is very aggressive and doesn’t care about the outcome of the exchanges. But, I believe that Dos Santos’ speed will be the key here. Dos Santos is faster, and just as powerful as Yvel. So, Dos Santos should win this via KO.
Dos Santos by KO – Rd. 2

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