UFC 111: GSP vs. Hardy Predictions

ufc 111 poster UFC 111: GSP vs. Hardy Predictions

UPDATE: Thiago Alves was pulled from the fight due to his MRI scans result. The UFC decided to throw Ben Saunders in there against Jon Fitch. Saunders was suppose to fight Ellenberger. Fitch will have no problem with Saunders, he will take this fight to the ground, and ride it out via ground control.
Fitch via UD

Georges St-Pierre vs. Dan Hardy – This is an easy fight to call. GSP will dominate Hardy in all aspects of the game. The only chance that hardy has is a lucky punch, I say lucky because GSP’s stand-up defense has been great. BJ Penn has good boxing, but was unable to score a solid shot on GSP. GSP will stand more in this fight, but will eventually go for the takedown, and finish the fight there.
GSP by TKO – Rd. 2

gsp ufc 79 UFC 111: GSP vs. Hardy Predictions

Frank Mir vs. Shane Carwin – This is the fight I am most excited about. Two solid HW pitted against each other for the chance to fight Brock Lesnar. Mir’s stand-up has been great his past two fights. But, it would be dangerous for Mir to stand with Carwin. Carwin has super heavy hands, he KOd Gonzaga with a short punch. Mir is a cocky fighter, he will try to stand with Carwin and pay the price. Carwin will knock him out!
Carwin by KO – Rd. 1

Shane Carwin UFC 111: GSP vs. Hardy Predictions

Ben Saunders vs. Jake Ellenberger – Ellenberger has a lot of experience, he hasn’t fought the best out there, but he’s fought a lot of tough opponents. Saunders’ last win was impressive, against Marcus Davis. But, this could be a tough fight for him. Both fighters will stand toe-to-toe until somebody gets tagged. I think that Saunders will have a slight advantage on the stand-up and win via KO
Saunders via KO – Rd. 2

Jon Fitch vs. Thiago Alves – Two fighters who made their ways to the top, only to be shut down by GSP. Fitch is a dominant fighter, but lately, he’s been boring the fans to sleep. He takes his opponents down, and lays there for the JD. Alves has always been entertaining. He takes risks, and that’s the kind of fighters people want to see. This should be a good fight. Alves will come at Fitch like a hungry dog, and will try to finish. Fitch will defend all night, and will lose to the Judges.
Alves by SD

thiago alves.jpg c6a066c68ce78c127c0d504f347ffc64 UFC 111: GSP vs. Hardy Predictions

Jim Miller vs. Mark Bocek – Bocek is on a 3-fight winning streak, but so is Miller. Miller has been pretty impressive lately, with his caveman style of fighting. Maybe, he trains with Clay Guida. Miller’s stand-up is always improving, Bocek needs to take this fight to ground, and try to get control there. That will be a hard task, because Miller will throw punches after punches until something hits you. Miller will overwhelm Bocek and win via TKO.
Miller via TKO – Rd. 3

Nate Diaz vs. Rory Markham – Markham is a new comer to the UFC, this is his second fight, and odds are against him. Nate Diaz is a tough opponent, but he’s very one-dimensional. He needs to work on his stand-up, which can help elevate his game to a different level. But, being one-dimensional in this fight should be enough to defeat Markham. If Markham can keep this fight standing, he has a small chance of winning. But, Nate will take him down, and finish him there with a submission.
Diaz by Triangle – Rd. 2

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