UFC 117 – Silva vs Sonnen

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Anderson Silva vs. Chael Sonnen – Sonnen is a straight wrestler with a weak submission defense, and no striking abilities whatsoever, Anderson Silva is an amazing striker with a solid ground game. Does Sonnen deserve a title shot after defeating Nate Marquardt? In so many words, NO. But, everybody has a chance in MMA. I think that Sonnen’s trashtalking, or trolling, is making this fight interesting. Silva tries to play it cool by not responding much, but I think that Sonnen already got to his head. In Silva’s last fight with Damien Maia, Silva said that he wanted to embarass Maia because Maia made a comment about his weak ground game. If that comment got to Silva’s head, imagine what Sonnen’s off-beat comments has done to the MW champ. I might be crazy here, but I will go against the grain, and say that Sonnen wins via UD. He will succeed in taking Silva down, and laying on him for 5 rounds.
Sonnen via UD.

Jon Fitch vs. Thiago Alves – This match was already set in an earlier UFC event, but Alves had a brain abnormality that forced the Athletic Commission to pull him off the card. It would have been a great fight then, it will be a great fight now. Fitch has been known to keep his opponents warm and comfy by laying on them for the entire fight. This will not happen with Alves. Alves is a known scrapper, and will do what it takes to finish fights (maybe he should train with Florian). Fitch is a strong wrestler, but I feel that Alves’ striking skills with neutralize Fitch’s wrestling. Alves is no joke on the ground, but he likes to get up and throw combinations from the top. Alves will overwhelm Fitch with strikes, and finish Fitch on the 3rd Rd.
Alves via TKO

Clay Guida vs. Rafael dos Anjos – This should be a brawl, but if I was dos Anjos, I would take this fight to the mat. Guida isn’t known for his submission defense (watch fight with Florian). But, Guida is capable of Knocking out his opponents. But, seriously, Guida needs to step-up his training and try to be a little more technical on the stand-up. He always ends up bleeding like a waterfall. In this fight, dos Anjos has more to rely on than Guida’s caveman style brawling. Dos Anjos should win this fight either on the stand-up or on the ground.
Dos Anjos by Armbar – Rd. 2

Matt Hughes vs. Ricardo Almeida – Hughes was rolling on a downhill slope in his career, until he KOd Renzo Gracie. Now, he fights Renzo’s student, Ricardo Almeida. Hughes has better wrestling, but Almeida is simply younger, and that will be a big factor in this match-up. Almeida has enough to neutralize Hughes’ wrestling, but won’t be able to finish. Almeida will win by sprawling, and scoring little punches here and there.
Almeida by UD.

Junior Dos Santos vs. Roy Nelson – Nelson is always entertaining to watch, either because he KOs his opponents, or that he has a beer-belly that most drinkers can be proud of. Junior Dos Santos is on a role, and I think that if he wins this fight, he gets a title-shot. Nelson is a good stand-up fighter, but Dos Santos is better. He is quicker, and has better angles, especially with his infamous upper-cut that KOd Fabricio Werdum. This won’t be any different, Dos Santos’ speed with overwhelm Nelson, and Nelson will get caught with a nasty uppercut.
Dos Santos via KO – Rd. 1

pixel UFC 117   Silva vs Sonnen

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