UFC 124: GSP vs. Koscheck 2 Predictions

Ufc124 poster UFC 124: GSP vs. Koscheck 2 Predictions

Georges St. Pierre (GSP) vs. Josh Koscheck – I have to admit that I fell for the reality show hype as these two coaches blabbered at each other for a season of the Ultimate Fighter. Actually, it was only Koscheck that did the blabbering, while the current champ just sat there and took the beating. There is a good chance that this fight will turn into a borefest as GSP will be content at controlling Koscheck for 5 rounds. But, I have a feeling that Koscheck will go for broke and try to knock GSP ‘s head early in the fight. This will be Koscheck’s only chance at defeating the champ. As the fight drags into the later rounds, Koscheck’s chance of stealing the belt becomes less and less likely. Koscheck’s effort here will not be enough to defeat the champ, GSP will overcome the early haymakers and will eventually take Koscheck to the ground, out-grapple, and FINISH him there.
GSP via RNC – Rd. 2

Thiago Alves vs. John Howard – Alves is a great fighter, if he cuts weight the right way. If not, he can come into fights dehydrated and weak, like he did against Jon Fitch. Making weight or not, Alves is the better all-around fighter here. He is a strong grappler with amazing stand-up skills. He will pick Howard apart in the stand-up. Howard will try to close the gap and go for the takedowns, but Alves is too crafty with his takedown defense and will either avoid the takedown, or get back up quickly. Howard will succumb to Alves’ punching combinations in the 2nd Rd.
Alves via TKO

Stefan Struve vs. Sean McCorkie – Stefan Struve will try to keep this fight standing where he can utilize his long reach on McCorkie. McCorkie, however, is the heavier man and will try to control Struve on the ground. McCorkie submitted PRIDE veteran Mark Hunt in his last outing. If McCorkie can avoid Struve’s long reach to close the gap for the takedown, then he will win the fight. Struve has a tough ground game, but really offers no offense. McCorkie should dominate on the ground.
McCorkie via UD

Jim Miller vs. Charles Oliveira – Miller, a tough cookie with a record of 18-2 will have his hands full against Oliveira (14-0). This fight should be a scrap as both fighters are willing to trade punches or go to the ground. Miller’s intensity is usually a problem for most of his opponents. But, Oliveira is just as tough, and might have the edge on the ground. But, I still see Miller pulling a tough win here via top control on the ground.
Miller via SD

Joe Stevenson vs. Mac Danzig – I’m thinking that this will be Danzig’s last UFC fight if he loses. Both came from The Ultimate Fighter show, but Stevenson has had more success in the UFC. Stevenson is a strong wrestler, if he gets you down, he’ll more likely control you. Danzig is a decent all around fighter but I don’t think he’ll have what it takes to counter Stevenson’s takedowns. Stevenson will take Danzig to the ground, and control him there.
Stevenson via UD

pixel UFC 124: GSP vs. Koscheck 2 Predictions

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