UFC 128 Predictions – Shogun vs. Jones

ufc128poster UFC 128 Predictions   Shogun vs. Jones
March 19th, 7pm (PT)

Mauricio Shogun Rua vs. Jon Jones – Shogun is actually the underdog in this match. But, I disagree with the experts. Even though Jones has been impressive his last 3 fights, he still lacks the experience that Shogun has. Shogun will work his muay thai on Jones from head to toe. I have a feeling that Shogun will be throwing leg kicks all night. This being a 5-round fight, those leg kicks will make a difference later on in the rounds. Jones will try to use wrestling on Shogun. But, Shogun will find a way to get up and work those leg kicks once again. When Jones’ legs gives in, Shogun will go for the finish.
Shogun via TKO – Rd. 4

Urijah Faber vs. Eddie Wineland – Wineland likes to go for the one-punch KOs, and he’s been successful before. Faber will try to clinch and take Wineland to the ground, where he can utilize his speed and strenght against Wineland. Wineland has a good chance at pulling an upset here, but Faber should have no problem as long as he takes the fight to the graound asap.
Faber via GnP – Rd. 2

Jim Miller vs. Kamal Shalorus – Both fighters have similar styles. but Miller has fought tougher opponents. Shalorus is an energizer bunny, almost like Clay Guida. But, if Miller can stay composed and fight smart, he can at least win a decision. Shalorus is better on the ground than he is standing up, but he likes to box. This could be his downfall, as Miller’s boxing is a little better. Miller will confuse Shalorus and take him to the ground and control him there.
Miller via SD

Nate Marquardt vs. Dan Miller – Marquardt should have no problem beating Dan Miller. But, if Marquardt loses here, I have a feeling that the UFC might let him go. Miller is a game opponent and will fight nomatter who he’s facing. Marquardt should have better skillset all around. Miller is a good wrestler so Marquardt should try to keep the fight standing and go for the KO. Miller is tough, so I don’t think that Marquardt will finish him. But, Marquardt will win by decision.
Marquardt via UD

Mirko Crocop vs. Brendan Schaub – I’m looking forward to this fight. Even though Crocop has disappointed many of his fans his last few fights, we can still hope. Schaub is an up-and-comer. If he beats Crocop, he will be considered a legitimate contender. Schaub will out-strike Crocop, and win via decision. Crocop is too slow for anybody these days.
Schaub via UD



pixel UFC 128 Predictions   Shogun vs. Jones

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