UFC 72 Predictions

ufc721 UFC 72 Predictions

This event was suppose to air for free on Spike TV. But due to a deal that couldn’t be reached, it will be shown on PPV. UFC 72’s fight card clearly shows that it was meant to be shown for free. No titles on the line and some fighters I’ve never heard of before. With that being said, here are my predictions for the event:

Franklin vs. Okami

Prediction: Franklin by judge. Franklin didn’t look impressive in his last fight against Jason “Slo Mo” McDonald. But what do I know, Rampage didn’t look impressive against Eastman and still became the new light heavyweight champ. Nobody should believe the hype of Yoshin Okami. He got tooled by Anderson Silva in the first round before winning by dq(Silva kicked him while he was down) in Rumble on the Rocks a few years back. He’s pretty much just a lay and pray fighter. Franklin doesn’t have a hard time with lay and prayers. He will stop Okami’s takedowns but won’t be able to finish.

Griffin vs Ramirez

Prediction: Ramirez, also known as the Mexican Rampage has potential but will not win this fight. Give him 2-3 more fights and he’ll be a contender. Even though Griffn lost his last fight against Jardine, I see him in his prime (Which doesn’t mean he can hang with the top contenders). He’ll be as good as he’ll ever be in this sport and that is enough to stop the up and coming Ramirez. Griffen by judge.

T Griffin vs Guida

Prediction: I don’t know who Guida is but I think I’ve seen T. Griffin fight once before. T. Griffin by knockout in the 2nd round.

MacDonald vs. Singer

Prediction: Once again I don’t know who Singer is. “Slo Mo” MacDonald went in a bullet time mode last time he fought but I think he’ll do better this time around. MacDonald by judge.

Herman vs. Smith

Prediction: Herman because I’ve heard of him before

Davis vs. Tan

Prediction: Davis by knockout in the first round because the official UFC site doesn’t even have Tan’s picture.

Hazelett vs. Lynche

Prediction: Lynche by judge because his name is easier to pronounce. In reality, who gives a shit.

Sanchez vs. Robinson

Prediction: Sanchez is fighting a senior citizen, Robinson. Sanchez by knockout in the first round.

As you can tell by my prediction, I don’t know at least half of the fighters on this card. UFC thinks people will order an event if it features ultimate fighters. And you know what, they’ve been right so far. Save your money from this event and instead order next Friday’s Elite XC PPV, which feature Shamrock vs. Baroni.

pixel UFC 72 Predictions

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