UFC 82: Pride of A Champion Predictions

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This is the first UFC event of the year that is significant. In the past couple of months, we saw BJ Penn rape Joe Stevenson and Brock Lesnar tapping to Frank Mir, but did MMA fans really care? The answer is HELL NO, althought I have to admit, I was happy when Nogueira beat Sylvia. But tomorrow, we’ll see a main event that every fan will be interested in. Without further ado, here are my predictions:

Anderson Silva Vs. Dan Henderson
Two time simultaneous Pride FC Champ(middleweight and light heavyweight), Dan Henderson will try to get a .500 record when defending his Pride belts. He lost to UFC’s light heavyweight champ, Rampage Jackson last year. His fight with Anderson Silva is really tough to call. Silva is a knockout artist and Henderson has never been knocked out in his career, his chin is made out of granite. I think the fight will come down to the fighters’ weights. Silva is a natural at 180, while Henderson usually fights at 205. I believe Henderson is stronger and more explosive at 205. When he fights at 180, he loses too much weight and isn’t as energetic. Based on Henderson moving down a weight division, I’ll chose Silva by TKO in round 4. Both fighters are very technical and should be an interesting match. I see Silva getting taken down for the first 3 rounds and Henderson laying and praying. Silva trains with Machida and the Nogueira brothers, so his guard will be great. I think in the fourth round, Henderson will get caught with Silva’s strikes and it will be over.

Prediction: Silva

Heath Herring Vs. Cheick Kongo
We have Heath “The Texas Crazy Horse” Herring against Cheick “The Crocop Nutbuster” Kongo. There nicknames might be more exciting than their actual fight. Both of these fighters are pretty uneventful and won’t take risks. Not to hate on Kongo because he did beat the heartless Crocop, but his style isn’t exciting at all. I’ll pick Kongo by decision.

Prediction: Kongo

Alessio Sakara Vs. Chris Leben
I’m not a big fan of these two fighters. Sakara is supposedly a great stand up striker but gets knocked out all the time. Then we have Leben who talks a lot of crap. Having said that, I’ll have to say, I’m going to root for Sakara but I think Leben will take it. With Sakara, he will lose heart if his opponent keeps pressing the fight. I think Leben has improved as a fighter and will have more heart than Sakara. Leben by knockout in the third round.

Prediction: Leben

Yushin Okami Vs. Evan Tanner
Wooh! After dealing with personal issues, Evan Tanner is back. I don’t know who he has train with for this fight but hopefully he’ll be ready. He hasn’t fought in nearly two years and I think that’s why he’ll lose to Okami. Plus Tanner is getting old and he’s no Randy Couture. I’m really hoping Tanner proves me wrong. Okami by decision

Prediction: Okami

Chris Wilson Vs. Jon Fitch
Jon Fitch has a great future and will beat Wilson in the second round. UFC is building up Fitch and they chose an opponent that is guaranteed to lose.

Prediction: Fitch

Jake O’Brien Vs. Andrei Arlovski – this might not air
This is an interesting fight because of the way UFC set it up. Arlovski is not fighting in the main card because this will be his last fight in his contract. Supposedly Arlovski asked for too much money and UFC won’t resign him. Hence, they put him in the undercard so fans will not wonder where he’s at, if he wins the fight. If he loses this fight and we’ll have some time for other matches, I wouldn’t be surprised if they show this match. Just to humiliate Arlovski and let the fans know he wasn’t worth signing for more money. I think Arlovski will win this fight by unanimous decision.

Prediction: Arlovski

pixel UFC 82: Pride of A Champion Predictions

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