UFC 99: (The Comeback) Predictions

ufc99 comeback UFC 99: (The Comeback) Predictions

Come this Saturday, the UFC is having another event. The card does not look that great but has fights that I’m looking forward to.

Rich Franklin vs. Wanderlei Silva – Two former title holders will face each other in this catchweight match at 195. Silva has always fought at 205, while Franklin mainly fought at 185. With that said, Franklin is the bigger man which can be a factor in this fight, especially on the ground.

Prediction: Silva will get taken down and lose via JD, which would suck because I want him to win. But, if Franklin decides to brawl with Silva, chances are Franklin will get KOd.

Cheick Kongo vs. Cain Velasquez – I dislike both fighters, but I want Kongo to win because he’s the more tested fighter. I believe that Cain is a good wrestler, but his fame mainly came from the UFC’s hype machine. If Kongo wins this match, I think that he will get a title shot.

Prediction: Kongo by KO. Velasquez is mainly a wrestler and will get out-struck by Kongo in the stand-up. Velasquez will want to take Kongo down, but Kongo’s takedown defense has improved tremendously. Cain will not be able to take Kongo down.

Mike Swick vs. Ben Saunders – This fight does not really interest me, it’s irrelevent to the ranking system in the 170 lb division. But, Swick’s jiu-jitsu skills might be too much for Saunders. Swick also has more Cage experience than Saunders.

Prediction: Swick by Swickatine. Saunders will make a mistake and get caught with a submission.

Marcus Davis vs. Dan Hardy – Apparently, both fighters had been trash-talking over the internet ever since this fight was announced. But, who really cares? Marcus Davis is entertaining to watch, but he never improves as a fighter. Hardy is the new kid on the block with a big mouth. But, he hasn’t earned that right yet.

Prediction: Hardy by JD. This fight will be back and forth in the stand-up with Hardy winning by points. Davis is a former boxer, but his KO power is questionable. Hardy will get hit a lot, but will weather the storm and win the fight.

Spencer Fisher vs. Caol Uno – This should be a technical match-up, Uno is a technical fighter on the ground. Fisher has good stand-up but I’m pretty certain that this fight will end on the ground.

Prediction: Uno by JD. Once on the ground, Uno should be able to control Fisher and win the fight via JD.

Crocop vs. Mostapha Al Turk – I am forward to this fight, I want to know if Crocop is back to his old self. You know, the guy that kicks people in the head. He left the UFC with his head down, but now gets a second chance. He said he is ready to go, and back for more.

Prediction: Crocop by TKO. The UFC wants Crocop to win, he needs to win this fight in a convincing fashion, otherwise, UFC might not give him another chance.

Terry Etim Vs. Justin Buchholz – This could be a good fight, but it is very frustrating to watch Etim fight. Etim has great stand-up but never seems to improve on his wrestling skills. His greatest weakness is his takedown defense, but the same situation happens over and over again. He gets taken down and controlled on the ground. With that said, I don’t know who Buchholz is, so I think Etim will win this fight.

Prediction: Etim by KO. That’s the only way he can win, if he gets taken down, he will lose.

pixel UFC 99: (The Comeback) Predictions

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