UFC Champ’s Downfall Caused By WOW

JensPulver 41IA UFC Champs Downfall Caused By WOW

Jens “Lil Evil” Pulver was a former 3 time UFC lightweight champ.  He fought in Japan for a couple of years before returning to the UFC and WEC.  Then he lost 8 of his next 10 fights, with 6 of them ending in the first round.  What was even worse were his opponents.  UFC was trying to hype him up to be a contender again so he got fed lowered tier fighters, only to lose to them.  The MMA fans were wondering what happened with Pulver, now 36.  Some thought he was just too old but recently, Bloody Elbow reported the following:

His gym in Idaho struggled to get off the ground and his obsession with World of Warcraft (WOW), an online multiplayer video game, became something friends described as more of an addiction than a pleasure. They would describe seeing a Pulver who looked more like a ghost than a man, pale as the fallen snow, unable to pull himself from his computer.”

Apparently he doesnt just “Play” WoW…he “PLAYS” WoW.  He’s a grand marshall.  For those that dont know he probably spent minimum 8 hours a day for many many months to reach that rank (This happened during the old school days where it was tough to get the title of grand marshall).”

Jens Pulver UFC Champs Downfall Caused By WOW

Upon further digging of Pulver’s love of World Of Warcraft, he admits on top1gaming that he plays constantly but was already a hardcore player during his championship days:

For all the naysayers out there on the fighting aspect who say I play too much WoW and that might be the reason for my sudden downturn in the fighting world: Not true, not true. I’d been playing WoW a lot longer when I had my gigantic upturn, too. Everyone who’s trying to say it’s WoW — that’s not it.

To play devil’s advocate, when Jens was a champ 9 years ago, competition wasn’t as tough today because MMA didn’t evolve as much.  Not to discredit Pulver because he did beat the great BJ Penn but it was just a different sport back then.  With today’s MMA, everyone needs to train harder because of the evolution of the sport and popularity.  There’s so much competition out there that you always need your “A” game to compete.  It makes me wonder if Pulver focused more on MMA instead of playing WOW, if he’d be a better fighter.  But honestly, I think Pulver is just too old to compete but maybe some fans would like to think he still has it if he wasn’t leveling up in WOW.

pixel UFC Champs Downfall Caused By WOW

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