UFC Fighter Obsessed With Skyrim

Jon Fitch UFC Fighter Obsessed With Skyrim 
Middleweight UFC contender, Jon Fitch, loves Skyrim so much that he created a twitter name (@fitchskyrim) based off the game.  On his twitter account, he’s posting his gameplay experience as well as putting up pictures from the game.  One of his latest tweets today:

“Had to get eyes dialated for licensing for fight, this better not affect my play time. Everything is fuZy. Can’t even read what I’m typing.”

fitch head UFC Fighter Obsessed With Skyrim
One of Fitch’s twitter pic: “I went on a darkbrotherhood mission to kill an old lady. So I cut off her head.”

Fitch has a fight on Dec. 30, against Johnny Hendricks. 

Let’s just hope he’ll finish this game, something he hasn’t done in his fights UFC fights.

pixel UFC Fighter Obsessed With Skyrim

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