New UFC “Versus” Figures In Fall

Round 5 is expanding its MMA figures with a new line called Versus.  Versus will be a two figure set based on previous UFC fights and will come out sometime in fall.  The set will also come with a cage diorama.  Let’s take a look at the line up:

Rampage vs. Griffin
jackson griffin New UFC Versus Figures In Fall
Besides the funky shorts, this looks good, especially Jackson.  Maybe Griffin should have been doing the roundhouse kicks that got him the win.

Rampage vs. Silva
qackson silva New UFC Versus Figures In Fall
They’re really milking Rampage in this line.  Besides Brock Lesnar,  everybody in the Versus series has been made before in previous series’.  Round 5 should’ve just chosen either a Rampage vs. Griffin or a Rampage vs. Silva, not both.  Then they could have made another set with GSP vs. Hughes.

Brock Lesnar vs. Frank Mir
lesnar mir New UFC Versus Figures In Fall
Mir looks good but Lesnar doesn’t have the face resemblance.  Both of their fights were dictated on the ground,  so it would have been better if they were grappling.  Maybe in the future, we’ll see grappling positions.

Chuck Liddell vs. Tito Ortiz
liddell ortiz New UFC Versus Figures In Fall
This is my favorite.  It captures Tito blocking Liddell’s punches with his head.  The poses is a good reminder of what happened during their two fights.

Round 5 is planning to do Versus for the Pride FC in the future.  Here’s wishful thinking but Fedor vs CroCop would be great!

pixel New UFC Versus Figures In Fall

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