UFC’s Chael Sonnen Punk’d Twice In One Week

Sonnen UFCs Chael Sonnen Punkd Twice In One Week

Last week, I talked how UFC’s stand up comedian, Chael Sonnen, became a legitimate threat against Anderson Silva.  Well maybe I spoke too soon.  This week, the California State Athletic Commission announced that Sonnen tested positive for steroids.  The fight was almost two months ago but the commission didn’t announce it right away because they wanted to double check.  Sonnen tested for a second time and the results were the same.   He’ll probably be suspended for a year.

As if that wasn’t enough, a video came out of mad dog gramps (joking of course, he’s one of  my favorite fighters), Wanderlei Silva telling Sonnen how he’s too disrespectful of the Brazilian community.  That’s what I love about Wanderlei, he’s not afraid to step up to anybody, even when he’s on crutches.  Sonnen could’ve said something back too but he respected Silva and just said “Thank you”.  It’s in the 4 minute mark.

0 UFCs Chael Sonnen Punkd Twice In One Week

You can check out his fight against Anderson Silva on the UFC 116 DVD coming out October 19, 2010

pixel UFCs Chael Sonnen Punkd Twice In One Week

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