Unboxing LOTR: EE Blu-Ray & Green Tint Issue

Lord of the Rings Extended Edition Blu ray Unboxing LOTR: EE Blu Ray & Green Tint Issue

Last Friday, I was surprised to receive my copy of Lord Of The Rings: Extended Edition Blu-Ray set.  The 15 disc set contains a new transfer for Fellowship Of The Ring (FOTR) and added at least 30 minutes of new scenes for each movie.  I thought the package looked pretty cool and one of the best I’ve seen.  I made a quick video so I can share it with fellow fans:

0 Unboxing LOTR: EE Blu Ray & Green Tint Issue

Early reports and screenshots for FOTR showed a green tint with the new transfer.  I watched the movie on Friday night and the green tint is there.  Think of it as Matrix light.  In that movie, whenever they’re in the Matrix, it has a dark green color timing.  The tint for FOTR isn’t as bad as Matrix and you probably won’t even really notice it until you look for it carefully.  The green tint actually makes the night shots look better but for the daytime scenes, there’s some inconsistenices, especially the skin color.  Sometimes it looks like the humans have sun burn.  Regarding the quality of the transfer, this is the best one for FOTR.  The details on the costumes and armors can be seen clearly, even down to Sauron’s helmet markings.  The debate over the green tint has cause a thread on blu-ray to be more than 230 pages long.  Some people argue that Peter Jackson and cinematographer Andrew Lesnie supervised and approved the transfer.  Peter Jackson has been asked several times through his FB about the issue but he hasn’t responded yet.  Others argue that WB (who owns New Line now) messed up with the transfer.  I think the truth lies in between.  The filmmakers probably wanted to add a green tint to it but not for all the scenes and somehow WB added the color timing to all of the movie.  This is my just theory and it comes from the fact that some scenes in The Two Towers also has some green tint to it, though not as obvious.  What I’m certain about is that this transfer is the best and blows the theatrical version out of the water, which looked soft.  Besides the minor incosistency of the skin color, I wasn’t bothered with the green tint at all.  I still enjoyed the movie and I was glued to my seat until the credits rolled (and of course when I had to change discs).

I’m hoping to have my full review up of the set by the end of the week.  Just like the hobbits, it’ll be a long journey (but fun) because there’s so much content to cover.

pixel Unboxing LOTR: EE Blu Ray & Green Tint Issue

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