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Damn, this news just made my day.  Spike just e-mailed us that they’re having a special Deadliest Warrior show pitting Vampires Vs. Zombies.  This is the first time, they’re doing fictional characters.  I think this fight should be a no brainer (see what I did there?) with the vamps easily taking out the zombies.  Zombies don’t really think and they go by instinct, while vampires are smart but they can fly and think like humans.  All the vampires gotta do is make sure they lock their coffins in a secure place in the morning and it’s over for the zombies. 

The guest star experts on the show include Max Brooks (“World War Z”), Steve Niles (“30 Days of Night”), Scott Bowen (“Vampire Survival Guide”) and Matt Mogk (founder of the Zombie Research Society).

Below is the press release from Spike:
Spike TV announced today a special episode presentation of  “Deadliest Warrior ,  which pits  Vampires  vs. Zombies, set to air Summer 2011.    Vampires and Zombies have terrorized and tantalized their way through pop culture for decades – from “Dracula” to the “Twilight Saga” to “Walking Dead.”  Spike TV and the 3rd season of the “Deadliest Warrior” hit franchise are going to finally answer the question – which of these mythical creatures would come out on top in a fight to the finish? of icons from film and fiction who are experts on the topic. Experts representing Team Zombie and Team Vampire will join the “Deadliest Warrior” team of Richard “Mack” Machowicz, Geoff Desmoulin and Dr. Armand Dorian to make their case for who is, indeed, the fiercest.”  

The Deadliest Warrior Pits Vampires Vs. Zombies
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