Vatican Assassin Warlock, the Novella

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At first it was just the maniacal rantings of a guy who’s probably been up for too many days in a row.  Now it has become literature.  Two thousand years from now, after our civilization has been wiped out by BP and all the other greedy, money-hungry, megalomaniacs, someone is going to read this thing and Charlie Sheen will become the Shakespeare of our era.

Aside from an occasional “Duh, winning!” I’ve been keeping pretty quiet about Charlie Sheen until now.  The guy is obviously either wacked out of his mind on drugs or he’s just plain mentally ill and it’s sad and kinda disturbing that the media is exploiting his mania in an effort to hide from the real blatant truths that are out there like the fact that our government would rather spend more money blowing up people than educating them.  Considering the fact that Fox’s summer line-up is nothing but reality shows, it’s pretty safe to assume that TV will, in the very near future, be showing nothing but train wrecks…. just one train wreck after another, and the viewing public will clap like seals and eat it up kinda like in the movie Idiocracy.

As if it’s not bad enough that I will be relegated to watching reruns of Two and a Half Men (which is okay because I haven’t seen them all yet), a guy named Brendan Deneen, who owns a comic book publisher called Arden Entertainment, and author Max Brailer of Can You Survive a Zombie Apocalypse? (one of those tongue-in-cheek “how to” books like “How to be a Ninja”) have created a “dark satirical fantasy novella” called Vatican Assassin Warlock. You can get it on Kindle at Amazon for 99 cents.  Here is the synopsis according to Deadline:  “an actor in Los Angeles is secretly an assassin for the Vatican, battling supernatural forces.”

Deneen had this to say about the project:  “Max and I were sitting around and thought, what if all these things Charlie Sheen is saying are true, and basically we took all his ideas and forced a narrative around them.  While filming Platoon, he’s kidnapped by evil scientists who experiment on him and inject him with radioactive tiger blood that turns him into a warlock. During his work for the Vatican, he’s injected with blood from these goddesses and that gives him the Adonis DNA.”  Sounds like a bad case of writers block to me.

Then in an obvious effort to shed some sort of positive light on his project (if that’s even possible), Deneen adds:  “He’s depicted as a compelling hero. The book is about an actor with this crazy party animal persona but in reality he’s a serious hero protecting humanity. Who wouldn’t want to be depicted as a hero warlock, battling the forces of evil?”  Who, indeed…

pixel Vatican Assassin Warlock, the Novella

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