Lack Of Respect For Animation In The West

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Ah animation and the western part of the world, like pouring salt on an open, bleeding wound, why can these two things not find harmony I wonder? Oh I know! Its because people in the west seem to think the minute something’s animated it must be for stupid, brain dead 3 year olds who cant even wipe their own asses yet! And when we do get an intelligent animated show, it gets canceled just to be replaced by the stupid kid crap.

Unless you don’t know what im getting at then let me remind you, yesterday Cartoon Network confirmed that both Green Lantern TAS and Young Justice have been canceled, but hold on, the best is yet to come, because they are going to be replaced by Teen Titans GO and Beware the Batman, for the love of god…..

What the hell happened to animation in western countries?! What happened to the 90s when good, intelligent animated shows like Batman, X-Men, Spider-Man,…..All lasted more than 20 episodes and were actually given a chance to conclude naturally. But no, the golden rule is if a good animated series is over 20 episodes, it is canceled immediately.

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You don’t believe me? Well here are some examples: Wolverine and the X-Men, 26 episodes and it was canceled. Thundercats, 26 episodes, canceled! Spectacular Spider-Man, 26 episodes and it was kind of oh I don’t know CANCELED!!! I am shocked that Avengers EMS and Young Justice actually lasted as long as they did but that’s still only 52 episodes.

Batman TAS lasted 85 episodes and ended naturally, X-Men TAS lasted 76, Spider-Man TAS lasted 65, hell even Avatar the Last Airbender produced over 60 episodes during its 3 year run. But no, if your show is made post 2009, it can only last between 26 and 52 episodes then it’s canceled.

I don’t understand what is the goddamn problem with western animation, why is it so underappreciated? I mean its the same problem comic book themselves face, they were originally for kids and there are plenty of morons out there that act like they know something and just say comics and animated shows are just for kids, but there are plenty of examples that prove this wrong.

Both of these forms of entertainment have proven that they can be intelligent and thought provoking, that everyone and not just 3 year olds imbeciles can enjoy them, and then they make insults like Ultimate Spider-Man and try to pass them off as like the new, great Spider-Man show.

Its idiots like Jeph Loeb that should NOT be put in charge of animated series, because in his mind, an animated show cant have long running, season spanning storylines that all conclude at intertwine at different points, there can be only single episodes story lines, you know for stupid people.

And then he tried to use the excuse that its for kids, that’s bullshit because you have guys like Paul Dini and Joe Casey working on it, some of the best writers of all time and he doesn’t use them to their full effect, instead we have to make Spider-Man as annoying as possible, shove him in this movie like universe and make him break the fourth wall constantly, if you want do that then make a Deadpool show and leave Spider-Man alone already, haven’t you butchered him enough?!

There were even some parents who said Young Justice should be switched to Adult Swim because its too violent and their kids don’t understand it, I usually ignore such people because those are the same incompetent fools who buy little 6 year old Bobby GTA 4 without seeing that its an M rated game then go bitching on Fox News that the game is too violent, these parents need to be shoot in the face on sight and have their kids taken to some one who will actually you know parent them, god forbid!

Usually I could only say Marvel did this and I refuse to watch Disney XD even if Star Wars The Clone Wars is moving there next year, but now im not gonna watch Cartoon Network because they had the titanium balls to switch these two great shows for Teen Titans and some CGI Batman show.

First of all I hate Teen Titans, I never liked it and I never will and now they’re making it even more like an anime by making all the characters chibis, fan mother fucking tastic! The new Batman show? Its just a rip off of the Incredibles with horrible CGI and Batman in it, now if this new show was like Under the Red Hood or The Dark Knight Returns in terms of animation and tone, I would be all over it but no, its just another stupid CGI show for the 3 year olds who wont even remember it two seconds after its done.

 Lack Of Respect For Animation In The West

That raises another issue I have, what happened to traditional animation? I don’t count the Marvel shows because id rather have my dog piss in my eyeballs than watch those shows, I mean why cant we get mature, animated series with the animation quality of say, Legend of Korra, I know its a terrible show but the animation is spectacular.

I dare say it looks better than any anime I’ve seen, no offense to anime fans but that particular type of animation is so one note, all the characters always look the same and every show has the same clichés being done so im quite frankly sick of them, and this is coming from a DBZ and Yu-Gi-Oh fan, the new ones have all just fallen into a pit they cant get out off and just look generic now.

Despite my problems with Japanese animation being practically the same thing in every show, at least those guys respect the format and treat it right, they don’t shy away from doing mature and intelligent stuff, if there could be show with creators with that kind of thought process and the animation of say Legend of Korra and the tone of Under the Red Hood, I would be a very happy bastard.

So what is there left to watch? Well what’s left of YJI and Green Lantern, after that pretty much nothing but then there’s the second season of Legend of Korra….. Oh god some one shoot me…..

In conclusion, Disney and Cartoon Network are both idiots, they can both effectively go fuck themselves and I will not either channel again for the foreseeable future AKA next 50 years, but fear not my friends, for all is not lost because Batman The Dark Knight Returns Part 2 came out, and it is quite awesome, so buy it, watch it and enjoy western animation done right, now if you’ll excuse me, I must put a bounty on Jeph Loeb’s head.

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