Video Game Review: Heavenly Sword (PS3)

heavenly Video Game Review: Heavenly Sword (PS3) 

Yeah, I know I’m behind on this, but I just played it, so sue me.  Now let’s get started shall we.

In this PS3 exclusive game by Ninja Theory, you play as a hot Asian warrior named Nariko and you have some father and daughter issues.  He gives you the Heavenly Sword and now the evil King (Andy Serkis), wants to kill you. Oh, and you’re joined by a little brat.

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I gotta say, the facial animation and detail on the King is really something.  All the other characters pales in comparison to how he looks.  It’s as if they had to lower the poly count on everything else, like the background and character models, just to make the evil King look so damn sexy! Nariko looks good too.  It’s just disappointing to see so much care has been taken on a few character models, yet most of the others just look downright crude.

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The combat and controls in the game gets the job done, but it can be problematic at times.  The way Nariko moves sometimes doesn’t feel smooth.  That’s because the game does have frame rate issues.  Because the graphics in this game looks really good, the framerate takes a dip.

The combat consists of different combos, but most of the time, I was able to just use the same combo to finish the game because the other combos didn’t look cool enough for me to perform it.  As for the counters, those are fun to perform.

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This game is pretty much a simple hack and slash game with some counter moves, a little bit of archery and canons.  The archery and canon element really struck a chord with me because of the cool use of the Sixaxis.  You can tilt the controller to guide canon balls and arrows in slow-mo.

Overall, the only saving grace for this game would be the detailed faces, the facial animation, the use of the Sixaxis, Nariko’s sexiness, and Andy Serkis as the King.

Grade: C

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