How To Fix The Legend of Korra With Book 2

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With the first episode of Book 2: Spirits of The Legend of Korra just a few days away from premiering at SDCC 2013, what better time than now to do a list of things I want to see happen in the upcoming season which will hopefully come to fruition and help improve this terrible show and elevate it to something that doesn’t make you want to shoot yourself in the head with a shotgun with cringe worthy characters, dialogue, pointless and poorly executed sub plots and the ugh…. romance….


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Not even half as cool as it looks

If there’s one thing that simply amazes about The Legend of Korra every time I see it how great the central conflict was of the first season, this whole battle between benders and non-benders was so fantastic because it had tons of real world commentary about how the powerful prey on the weak and how one group of people towers over another in every possible way, fantastic! Too bad it barely had enough screen time to reach even a quarter of its full potential  thanks in no small part to the creators getting the bright idea to have 5 GODDAMN SUB PLOTS RUNNING AT THE SAME TIME AS THE BIG MAIN CONFLICT! All of which were: pointless, poorly executed, filler or just plain mind numbingly terrible (the romance…..).

The only sub plots in the first season that should have been kept were the Airbending training and the Tarlok sub plots. The Airbending one would have allowed Korra to actually stop being, you know, the most selfish, irresponsible and self centered Avatar of all time and actually let her have some real damn character development, the Tarlok one enhanced the main narrative as it gave a Magneto to Amons Magneto, until they got rid of him and completely botched him like they did Amon.

That’s why the creators seriously need to cut down on the sub plots this season, if you want to have this big, epic story and you have only have 12 20 minute episodes to do that story, then devote as much of that time to the main narrative and only keep the sub plots that actually enhance it or provide the characters the opportunities for character development.


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Are you looking for a great female protagonist?!? Yeah keep looking buddy.

Like many things in the first season, Korra as a protagonist seemed perfectly fine to me, sure she made mistakes but as far as her personality went I liked her, then I turned my brain on and actually thought about the things she did and she went completely down hill as well. She is without a shadow of a doubt the most irresponsible and selfish protagonist I’ve seen in a long time and yet by the end of the season she’s rewarded with ultimate power because of it!   The ultimate showcase of just how much of a horribly bad Avatar she is shown during the 6th episode of season 1. Amon, a wanted terrorist and probably the most dangerous man in the ENTIRE city tells everyone he’s going to attack the Pro-Bending arena during the grand finals unless the city council closes it down.

At this point Korra herself witnessed that this guy means business and he is not to be trifled with and what does she do you ask? She goes to the city council and bitches about how they can’t close down the arena just because she wants to settle the score with her Pro-Bending rival endangering hundreds of thousands of people just so she can settle a grudge….. Do you see my problems with her now? This season desperately needs to make her start taking responsibility for her actions and stop rewarding her for endangering people, not thinking things through and for being the worst Avatar of all time! If this spirit invasion isnt caused by her irresponsibly using the Avatar State then so help me God…


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What happend to THIS kind of Bending?!

While some of the action scenes of season 1 were undeniably spectacular I felt that Bending kind of got shafted with this 70 year time skip. With the exception of Metal Bending, which became the coolest thing ever, all of the other Bending arts just felt butchered and watered down. Firebending lost its epic and frightening power from the old show (giving Lightning to every dumbass who can shoot a fire ball was BS as well), Waterbending was spectacularly under utilized yet the shows creators seemingly got a boner for it with Bloodbending, Airbending was shafted as well and then we get to Earthbending…. Oh god, what the fuck did you bastards do to Earthbending?!

Earthbending in the original show, while not my favorite, was freaking amazing! You could see these mere humans create all sorts of cool things with and it was visually spectacular, a couple of guys could bring down a 100 foot tall wall like it was nothing and use an entire stone palace as a weapon. In the new show regular Earthbenders cant do jack shit, instead of making these huge walls and manipulating the terrain to their advantage, they can barely do anything with the ground and instead rely on throwing tiny rocks at people, what the hell!

Give us back our cool bending back! Stop shafting the ones you’ve been shafting thus far and make the cool ones cool again. 


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The new friends, not even half as interesting and sure as hell not as likable as the old friends

I can say without a shadow of a doubt that besides Asami, I couldn’t give less of a fuck about the characters in The Legend of Korra. Korra is completely unlikable as a protagonist and I can’t fight the urge to beat the living crap out of her every time she acts like a selfish, incompetent bitch. Bolin tries to be the funny guy but they’re making a 19 year old act like a 12 year old and it fails miserably. Tenzin has his moments but overall comes off as bland and kind of a knock off of his father who wasn’t that interesting to me to begin with and I could go on but you get the general idea.

I think the biggest problem these characters have is that they are like they have a single thought process and personality trait. Sure the original show was like this on the surface but each and every one of the characters broke out of this and they showed that had layers to them. Toph came off as this tough girl and she was entertaining because of it, but she also showed that the way her family treated her bothered her and she wished she could repair this relationship some how, Sokka was the funny guy most of the time but when the situation called for it he could be serious, a leader and an imaginative inventor.

This is what the new cast lacks for the most part, they only act in one single way and they never show like they have actual layers to them, they just come off as bland and one dimensional rip offs of the old characters without an identity of their own.

5) KILL MAKO!!!!!

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Enjoy it while you can you son of a bitch….

This one NEEDS to happen. I usually I follow the belief that every person has his or her own opinion and something and should be respected for it but for this son of a bitch im gonna make an exception, this man whore needs to die the worst imaginable death and if you like him you deserve to share in the same fate as him. Not only is this guy a massive prick of epic proportions the likes of which I hath no since Joffrey from Game of Thrones the way he treats the female characters in this show just blows my mind.

So in the beginning he’s in a committed relationship to a girl he clearly likes, then we have Korra who likes him because….. He ignores her and generally treats her like she’s a piece of shit I guess? Moving on, he shows absolutely no romantic interest in Korra and just wants to be friends with her, however once she reveals her feelings to him he’s suddenly in love with her too and is conflicted about choosing which girl to be with….. What…… The two share a kiss and her keeps this from his girlfriend while still kind of going after Korra while still dating Asami at the same time.

Later on when Korra gets captured Mako goes ape shit over it and starts acting like a paranoid sociopath and starts interrogating people like Batman to find her ooookkkkayyy…. Moving on, once they find her he carries her off in his arms to the Sky Bison where his girlfriend can clearly see him, he looks over her and holds her hand while she sleeps then when his girlfriend confronts him about his behavior and the kiss he actually gets angry at her and blames his brother for even having the gal to let his brothers girlfriend know he kissed another girl…..WHAT?! Am I the only one who wants to bash his head against a brick wall at this very moment?! HEAR ME CREATORS OF AVATAR! KILL THIS MOTHER FUCKER AND I SHALL ERECT A CHURCH IN YOUR HONOR AND HAIL YOU AS MY GODS NOW AND FOREVER!!!

So what do you guys want to see happen or be improved in The Legend of Korra season 2? Do you agree with the points I made her? Let me know what you guys think in the comments below on weather or not you agree with me, except on the Mako thing, that part is non disputable, he must suffer a fate worse than death itself and you cant argue with me on this one. 

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