Vienna Waits For You ~ A Short Film

vienna3 300x168 Vienna Waits For You ~ A Short Film

Let’s face it, aging can be frightening, however it creeps into our lives so gradually, we hardly recognize it.  Until that awakening moment we meet each other in the mirror that once reflected that insatiable beauty of our youth.  During our youth, we may be unable to detect the envy of those older than us, of our fearless outtake on life.   In this short film, Vienna Waits For You, directed by Dominik Hartl, may bring to life that what we may perceive, as things that possess our future.  Those possessions that reoccur in our lives, in which others may take notice defining our age.  The horror of the apartment erases that what once was a young life and the fast approaching old life.  Finally, shining light on what seems to be from one day to the next, old age is heightened upon us.  Even in the event of taking revenge on those who once loved us, could not stop this freight train of time.  Then we suddenly become aware of that which we fear the most, has given way to owning us.  Seeping us into the fabric where no escape is found from the inevitable, as it has succumbed to so many others in the past.  Be advised of the terms and conditions you agree to, as they may be sown into your contract of life.  Do not fear or envy the new tenant, as you have been.  Every new tenant will eventually be faced with the same ailment that is, the crippling shock of age.  Still when facing the aging process and what it will bring, other than old dusty doilies and coffee stained tray tables, it might help us realize how great and awesome our youthful life can be.  Let us camp out in the full dawn of our sweet lives and live in the now.  Nevertheless, all lives are filled with small pleasures, even if they are found in crusty cookies on kitchen floors.  Giving up, not an option, yet, giving in only to become who we are will forever leave a mark in this world.  All the more so, age may not be pretty but in an old dusty apartment, filled with reoccurrences of what once was there still may be a way out.  That escape may be nothing less of allowing ourselves to be sown into the lumpy couch of this life.  Remember, there is always another Tenant, anxiously waiting to sign their lease on the inevitable fading of their youth.

pixel Vienna Waits For You ~ A Short Film

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