Vintage Movie Review: John Carpenter’s Vampires

john carpenters vampires thumb Vintage Movie Review: John Carpenters Vampires

I just re-watched this 10-year old classic a couple of days back, and this movie was entertaining. The film is about a team of vampire hunters led by Jack Crow (played by the legendary James Woods). Crow is funded and trained by the Catholic church to hunt and kill as many vampires as they can. The story is pretty plain and simple. The team goes hunting, but along the way, something “unexpected” happens.

vampires Vintage Movie Review: John Carpenters Vampires

This is a classic Carpenter movie. It’s sarcastic and cheesy but good because it doesn’t try to be serious. The methods that the team uses to catch the vampires are sometimes outrageous, but it works well with the humor of the film. The script is funny as hell, it’s harsh and to the point. The characters are very animated and comical, especially Woods. Man, this guy is a crack-up throughout the movie. The lead vampire, named Valek, is also funny because he thinks that he’s the shit but he’s really not that good, he’s kind of a goofball. I’m not sure if this was how Carpenter intended it to be, but it works.

vampires09 Vintage Movie Review: John Carpenters Vampires
See what I mean, this guy thinks he’s the shit!

So, if you like naked hookers, animated violence, cheesy lines, funky music, cheap editing, and funny characters; then this movie is certainly for you.

Grade: A-

pixel Vintage Movie Review: John Carpenters Vampires

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