Vintage Toy of the Month! Double Trouble!

Are you ready for a Vintage Toy of the Month that will whip you into a double dose of trouble? Let’s read on for a look at one of the original She-Ra: Princess of Power action dolls- Double Trouble!

With Double Trouble getting the Masters of the Universe Classics treatment this month (and a name change to boot) I thought it would make perfect sense to take a gander at the original Double Trouble. This action doll has a special place in my heart and in the story of She-Ra.

084 Vintage Toy of the Month! Double Trouble!

Released as part of the first wave of She-Ra action dolls in 1984, Double Trouble is on a magnificent card. The color and font are always a favorite of mine. I have mentioned this before. She is billed as a glamorous double agent. The title refers to her action feature, as most of the figures from He-Man and She-Ra tended to do.

085 Vintage Toy of the Month! Double Trouble!

Up close, Double Trouble comes with a cape, skirt, and mini-comic. I enjoy the look of this toy. The green helmet and large ponytail felt new and different at the time and still maintains a unique style all these years later.

089 Vintage Toy of the Month! Double Trouble!

Flipped around, the card features a great representation. Everything is illustrated, including the description on Double Trouble’s action feature.

090 Vintage Toy of the Month! Double Trouble!

091 Vintage Toy of the Month! Double Trouble!

The top portion features a glamorous display of the toy’s face and one of her in “battle” pose. I love this touch to the She-Ra toy line. Below this lovely image is another image of Double Trouble’s action feature. A dial on her back could turn her head from sweet innocent member of the Great Rebellion, to villainous Horde member! She stands to be one of the most interesting characters in the history of She-Ra. She was never seen in the cartoon and only managed to show up in a few publications. She is a mysterious character for sure.

092 Vintage Toy of the Month! Double Trouble!

Below is my favorite. This picture takes me back to my childhood so quickly. I love the lineup of these figures. The designs and colors make it such a breathtaking toy line. However, let’s look at the vintage action doll more up close.

100 Vintage Toy of the Month! Double Trouble!

The images above of the mint Double Trouble was something I acquired a few years ago. This loose Double Trouble is the one I grew up with. I remember getting her like it was yesterday. I have mentioned her mysteriousness, and she certainly was one of the more interesting looking characters. I took her to the zoo with me once as a kid with my mom, aunt, and cousins. Once we got to the zoo I had to leave her in the car and I was so worried about her being left alone! My fear was that we’d come back to the car and she’d be gone. I didn’t enjoy the zoo that much during that trip, because all I wanted to do was reunite with Double Trouble so we could go on our own adventures free from any fences or cages.

099 Vintage Toy of the Month! Double Trouble!

Her “good” face looks soft and innocent. I wasn’t a big fan of this face. She seemed boring with this look.

097 Vintage Toy of the Month! Double Trouble!

Now her bad girl look is one I have always enjoyed. What a difference a face makes! Also, one thing to note is the use of shared parts with the She-Ra line. While the He-Man toy line heavily relied on shared re-use of parts for the figures, the She-Ra line really did have more sculpts per figure. The only shared parts on Double Trouble are the legs and boots that were also used for Sweet Bee.

098 Vintage Toy of the Month! Double Trouble!

This “evil” face always had more movement in it for me. I loved this face. I actually love this action doll. The whole Man-E-Faces vibe was perfect for this toy line. The line was full of fashion and glamour, but there was a fantasy element that truly made it something special.

Of course, all this love is really just a prelude to the upcoming review on the all new Double Trouble, aka Double Mischief, figure from MOTUC. I have seen images and have plenty to say on this new release. So stay tuned and enjoy this month’s Vintage Toy of the Month!

pixel Vintage Toy of the Month! Double Trouble!

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