Vintage Toy Of The Month: M.A.S.K. (Paladin’s Remix)!

Back in 2009 Cricket had reviewed my M.A.S.K. collection as a vintage toy. My photos were sub-par and I wasn’t even a writer on the website.

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Now in 2013, the last Vintage Toy of the Month for December, I will reprise M.A.S.K., my favorite playthings from when I was a kid!

M.A.S.K. or Mobile Armored Strike Kommand was a toy and cartoon series in the early to mid 80’s that included a short lived comic and mini comics that came in most boxes.

There are multiple stories for MASK, the cartoon had the leader, Matt Trakker as a very rich philanthropist who worked with a government organization and he and his team would be called on when VENOM or Vicious Evil Network Of Mayhem would be committing a crime or what have you. VENOM did not know the identities of any of the MASK agents; yet MASK knew who they were…go figure. That was in the original season. At the end of the cartoon’s run it was about racing for prizes and everyone knew who each other was—it was kind of toned down from the original story, but still good.

So, I can go on forever, but this is about the toys…

Condor: Brad Turner.

MASK 1 Vintage Toy Of The Month: M.A.S.K. (Paladins Remix)!

Everyone and their brother had Condor; it was inexpensive and offered a basic Motorcycle with rock star Brad Turner included with his mask “Hocus-Pocus” that projected holograms. There are two versions of his mask (and those of other characters) the easily lost original which is the small one made of soft rubber and the larger—made of plastic with the extensions so it wouldn’t disappear; this was included in a figure pack which were usually 2 packs of figures to replace the ones that became lost due to their size. Brad here, is all original.

MASK 2 Vintage Toy Of The Month: M.A.S.K. (Paladins Remix)!

This is Condor changed from Motorcycle to Helicopter; it is a very easy change and was simply fun. I think everyone liked Brad for different reasons. Later, in the racing series he had a stock car called Razorback which was just so awesome…never had it though…

Meteor: Ace Riker.

MASK 3 Vintage Toy Of The Month: M.A.S.K. (Paladins Remix)!

I’m so sad…this is all that’s left of Ace’s jet, that’s right, there was a rear part that turned into a tank…man, what a mess…BUT, the figure is in great condition. His mask had the power of “Cruise Control” which allowed him to take over other vehicles; so in other words, he could either use the tank portion or the jet portion and use his mask’s power to control the other.

MASK 4 Vintage Toy Of The Month: M.A.S.K. (Paladins Remix)!

I like the aesthetic of Ace’s outfit, it is simply a flight suit and the mask matches. An earlier Ace came with an RV that split open and had a red jet in the middle…yeah…I had it, oh well, not anymore…

Outlaw: Gorey Nash and Miles Mayhem.

MASK 5 Vintage Toy Of The Month: M.A.S.K. (Paladins Remix)!

Yeah…Outlaw is kind of missing huh…? Outlaw was a huge tanker truck that turned into a mobile battle station with the tank portion flipping up and the trucks cab flipping down. It was loaded with everything, a grappling hook, radar dishes, and then there was the huge missile launcher in the center.
Gorey Nash had a mask called “Powerhouse” (Samson in the cartoon) that made this stereotypical nerd as strong as—well, Samson. Miles Mayhem’s mask was called “Python” and it fired something like a gripping snake of energy—if I remember correctly. The figures are cool if anything and I kick myself daily for not having Outlaw anymore.

Group Shot, Odds and Ends.

MASK 6 Vintage Toy Of The Month: M.A.S.K. (Paladins Remix)!

From left to right: Alex Sector from the Boulder hill Playset, this figure was from a replacement pack, his mask “Jack Rabbit” is missing. Miles Mayhem from “Venom’s Revenge” Action Pack; the blue “Ripper” mask is missing and so is the jet pack that he came with. Matt Trakker from Thunderhawk, this was from a replacement pack, his mask “Spectrum” is missing—I never had Thunderhawk, it was a Camaro with gull-wing doors that turned into a plane. Matt Trakker and Bruce Sato from Rhino. Both are from a figure pack, I never had Rhino. Rhino was an awesome semi that opened in the rear to a command center and had a removable mini tank from the back wheels. Matt’s mask is “Ultra Flash” and Bruce’s is “Lifter.” Miles Mayhem from Switchblade; and yeah, I had the blue fighter jet that turned into a helicopter and I wish I still did! The figure is the original from the vehicle and apparently I have two of the “Viper” mask that shoots acid. Hondo MacLean came with Firecracker which was an orange pick-up truck that rose from the wheels and had a little motorcycle on the back and a tire that shot out of the bed with blades on it. Hondo came with a tiny mask in the first issue that just covered his eyes called “Blaster” and yeah, it’s gone! Later, the mask had extensions on it so it was easier to keep track of. After Firecracker, Hondo came with a new outfit or body and he was included with Hurricane a light blue 1957 Chevy Bel Air that turned into a tank…I had that too; damn-it! Matt Trakker from the action pack Coast Patrol, his “Dolphin” mask allowed him the power of sonic signals—he came with a small blue raft and flippers, really cool, one of my favorites! Dusty Hayes from Gator a small orange jeep that opened to a boat and Dusty Hayes from Billboard Blast, a racing billboard that split open to a gunner’s station. The Gator mask was called “Backlash” and Billboard Blast was “Vacuum.” Finally, Calhoun Burns who came with a black Corvette that turned into a sea plane, it was so damn awesome—don’t have it anymore…His mask is “Gulliver” which gives him the power to shrink things. The orange mask belongs to villain Bruno Shepard and the gray belongs to villain Cliff Dagger.

Afterburner: Dusty Hayes and Clone.

MASK 7 Vintage Toy Of The Month: M.A.S.K. (Paladins Remix)!

From the “Split Seconds” series of toys, this drag racer was very 80’s hot pink and could split into two separate vehicles.

MASK 8 Vintage Toy Of The Month: M.A.S.K. (Paladins Remix)!

Forming a clone with his mask “New Backlash,” either he or the clone could pilot the plane or drive the missile vehicle. This is 100% complete; all parts are there—amazing!

Wildcat: Buddie Hawks.

MASK 9 Vintage Toy Of The Month: M.A.S.K. (Paladins Remix)!

From the MASK racing series, Wildcat is a tow truck with a “working” hitch. Buddie’s mask “Ditcher is missing, but I’m sure ebay will have it when I’m ready.

MASK 10 Vintage Toy Of The Month: M.A.S.K. (Paladins Remix)!

Wildcat turns into a mobile battle station with pivoting turret and firing disks, I have 2 out of 3 still, not bad. One of my favorites, probably why it’s a little short on parts. The original Buddie Hawks came with the Boulder Hill Playset with Alex Sector.

Buzzard: Miles and Maximus Mayhem.

MASK 11 Vintage Toy Of The Month: M.A.S.K. (Paladins Remix)!

Also from the racing series, this is one of the coolest of them all, it may be a smaller or mid-size vehicle, but it offers a lot of play value. Miles comes with the “Flexor” mask which makes a shield and Maximus has “Deep Freeze” which does as it says… Miles and “Maxie” are twins but what separates them is that Maximus has a monocle and in the cartoon he is portrayed as not being so bright.

MASK 12 Vintage Toy Of The Month: M.A.S.K. (Paladins Remix)!

Split into its four parts, Buzzard has a drone controlled jet which the helmet lifts to show the face of the robot and the two side cars can carry each of the Mayhem brothers. The spoiler is removable and doubles as a jet pack for quick escapes—leaving the one behind to the cops. Also 100% complete.

Volcano Van: Jacques LeFleur and Matt Trakker.

MASK 13 Vintage Toy Of The Month: M.A.S.K. (Paladins Remix)!

Holy crap is this awesome, but man, I played with it too much! Sadly all I have left of Jacques is his mask “Maraj” but, Trakker is still with me with his “Lava Shot” mask.

MASK 14 Vintage Toy Of The Month: M.A.S.K. (Paladins Remix)!

OK, so Volcano is motorized and takes some batteries to make the wheels turn, there is a switch that allows it to change into the mobile battle station automatically or you can just run it as the van. When Volcano is changed; the gun turret at the top moves back and forth. Missing, is the sunroof glass; other than that and the figure, its all there.

Goliath I and II: Nevada Rushmore and Matt Trakker.

MASK 15 Vintage Toy Of The Month: M.A.S.K. (Paladins Remix)!

This is my old favorite, from the racing series–is a car carrier and F-1 racer. Nevada has the “Totem” mask that fires totem pole bombs (no…that’s not raciest at all! Sure it is…) and Trakker has “Shroud” which makes a smoke screen.

MASK 16 Vintage Toy Of The Month: M.A.S.K. (Paladins Remix)!

The carrier turns into a mobile missile station with a pair of firing missiles that still work and the F-1 turns into a jet…missing are the two little bombs from the wings and even the damn steering wheel—like I said, my favorite, I played with it too much and too rough, but I loved it so much!

Scott and T-BOB.

MASK 17 Vintage Toy Of The Month: M.A.S.K. (Paladins Remix)!

The adopted son of Matt Trakker who always got into trouble time after time! He is joined by his robot buddy T-BOB whom turns into a scooter.

MASK 18 Vintage Toy Of The Month: M.A.S.K. (Paladins Remix)!

T-BOB has a rotating head and arms that slide in and out of his body, the legs press down to become the wheels and there are foot pegs for Scott to stand on. A great addition to such an action based toy line.

Manta: Vanessa Warfield.

MASK 19 Vintage Toy Of The Month: M.A.S.K. (Paladins Remix)!

Of the two female characters in the entire series, Vanessa is pretty rare and I try to take care of the action figure as best as I can, she is still in great condition. Manta however, has seen better days, but it’s 100% complete.

MASK 20 Vintage Toy Of The Month: M.A.S.K. (Paladins Remix)!

Manta goes from a Nissan to a jet with the push of a button and comes complete with an ejector seat that is released by another button. Her “Whip” mask allows her to torture Gloria Baker…I mean use an electric whip like Catwoman or something…what was I thinking…?

Stiletto: Gloria Baker.

MASK 21 Vintage Toy Of The Month: M.A.S.K. (Paladins Remix)!

NEW in baggie. I did an article a few years ago when I found her on ebay…man, it took years, but here she is in all her glory-a… (Yeah, I know…) Anyhow, Stiletto was a Lamborghini that was part of the “Split Seconds” line and she could use her “Collider” mask to form a clone to pilot the other half; I don’t need the clone or the car, I just wanted the figure; always has been my favorite character.
In the cartoon there was a vehicle called “Shark” which was a Porsche that turned into a sub, never made—except by a toy customizer who did an awesome job, it’s out there on the internet somewhere.

Hornet: Matt Trakker and Miles Mayhem.

MASK 22 Vintage Toy Of The Month: M.A.S.K. (Paladins Remix)!

The rarest of the rare! A two pack called Laser Command that came with the crate, Hornet and a blue truck called Ratfang. Ratfang—no comment—but Hornet is still in reasonable shape. Trakker uses the mask “Lasertron” and Mayhem uses the mask “Raynet” both are obvious repaints of both the Rhino Trakker and the Switchblade Mayhem.

MASK 23 Vintage Toy Of The Month: M.A.S.K. (Paladins Remix)!

Open, the Hornet is a jet that has a laser eye that with batteries installed and button pushed—also aiming at the Ratfang truck—causes the truck to explode apart; this includes a door, wheel and front end. A very awesome combination for the last toy of the line. Very rare and costly, just look at ebay.

I know, this was a long pictorial with a lot of talk, but this is also the last Vintage Toy of the Month for the year 2013; that and I like talking about M.A.S.K. so I hope you the reader enjoyed. I’d also like to thank Miss M for giving me the last vintage toy of the year and also Cricket for allowing me to reprise an old article.

Until next year!


pixel Vintage Toy Of The Month: M.A.S.K. (Paladins Remix)!

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