Vintage Toy Of The Week: Bumblebee!

Bumble2 300x224 Vintage Toy Of The Week: Bumblebee!

Volkswagen Bug Bumblebee with "Dunlop" Tires.

In 1984 Bumblebee was probably the most bought figure from the G1 Transformers series. He was inexpensive, had a simple transformation and was well loved by the youngest fans.
Bumblebee came in another color which I remember having–he was red. And Cliffjumper was yellow. There were a lot of stories going around such as it being a mistake or just plain stupidity by the factory staff. All I have to say is, check ebay and you’ll see what Red Bumblebee is to collectors.

Bumble1 215x300 Vintage Toy Of The Week: Bumblebee!

Robot Bumblebee, a little worse for wear, but still in one piece.

Although I have the key chain remake, there is something special about the original. Yeah, he’s old and beat, has stiffness in his joints and can’t hold his oil anymore, but he’s still able to be a playable toy. His left arm is loose and the hinge that raises his head is slightly bent…I could go on…
The face has always been an issue–the fact that it is armored and not detailed like a person has always been a gripe–however, the new reissue of the Minibots has a new face sculpt that people have been waiting over 20 years for.

Bumblebees1 1023x954 Vintage Toy Of The Week: Bumblebee!

Animated, Classic's, Movie and Original.

In this picture we have the different forms of Bumblebee. The Animated stands alone as being a great fully articulated figure. The Classic’s is the best built, probably (at least for me) the best version there is and the one that would have been wanted as a kid. The Movie version is great as the Camaro, but I don’t really care for robot form. And finally standing in the middle is the old original.
Bumblebee has come a long way from being a Volkswagen Bug to becoming something very special.

Bumblebee re1 300x225 Vintage Toy Of The Week: Bumblebee!

Original and Key Chain Bumblebee.

pixel Vintage Toy Of The Week: Bumblebee!

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