Vintage Toy Of The Week: Masters Of The Universe!

HeMan Remains1 845x1023 Vintage Toy Of The Week: Masters Of The Universe!

Teela, Skeletor, Snout Spout, and Weapons.

In 1981 Masters of the Universe came out in the form of action figures with limited articulation and a mini comic book.  Also included were their trademark weapons and armorMattel had used the same molds for just about every figure with differences such as the head and color of the body and outfit.  The armor was different for just about all of the figures and in some instances the hands and feet.

The legs were attached with a thick rubberband, and the arms were static with just the ability to rotate 360 degrees.  The head of most figures could also rotate 360 degrees.  Each of the figures could also turn at the waist and spring back.

The main hero in the series was He-Man (which is the usual way Masters of the Universe is referred to, or MOTU.)  The main villain was Skeletor.

Sadly, the above image shows the remains of what I had when I was young, I do have album photos that were probably at X-mas time with all of my figures lined up, some wearing the others armor and all were new.   The figures from left to right are: Teela, which is the second or third year made, she shows age and wear, she is missing her staff and armor, but is pretty much the only original figure that I have left.  Next is Terror Claws Skeletor, he was made very late in the series and is in very good condition.  TC Skeletor is built solid and raises his arms when he is turned at the waist.  Finally is Snout Spout, he was meant to be a fire “man”.  The pack on his back fills with water and you just press the button and water comes out of his trunk.  Snout Spout was an interesting character, but most fans didn’t like him.

The weapons going counter clockwise are a Horde crossbow, Evil-Lyn’s wand, Black painted (custom!) Skeletor sword, Blue “Weapons Pack” sword, Skeletor’s sword, He-Man’s gray sword, Gold Thunder Punch He-Man‘s sword, Teela’s shield, Black custom He-Man’s Axe, Mechaneck’s club and Man-At-Arms club.  At the bottom is Skeletors Ram-head staff and in the center is He-Man’s shield.

It’s nice to have the weapons but I had so many figures; stuff happens…

So, for the next pictures, you may want to look away…

HeMan Remains21 1024x623 Vintage Toy Of The Week: Masters Of The Universe!

2002 Skeletor and Teela take out their 80's counterparts!

As you can see, the detail of the remade 2002 Masters of the Universe figures are amazing compared to the old 80’s versions.  The articulation is vast and they each have an action.  Inlaid into one of their feet is a data chip. When  the figure is placed on sensors with-in the play-sets there are voice and sound features.  The weapons are more detailed also.   Skeletor’s swords attach like the originals–just not very well which gives the 80’s toys a leg up on the recent ones.  However, the best part of the 02 cartoon was when Skeletor was faced with 2 opponents and he pulled apart his swords and went for the glory!

HeMan Remains3 1024x768 Vintage Toy Of The Week: Masters Of The Universe!

Another angle, check out the detail compared to the fallen ones...

As much as I loved the original’s growing up, I’ve come to the decision that the 2002 MOTU figures were what I would have loved when I was a kid, so since I had the money at the time I bought most of the first series which included just about all of the original characters.  I have 3 sealed which are another Teela, Evil-Lyn, and a repaint of Skeletor.

Below is Skeletor on a vehicle half called the Sky Sled which was the front of the Battle Ram.

Skeleskysled 246x300 Vintage Toy Of The Week: Masters Of The Universe!

Terror Claws Skeletor on the Sky Sled.

pixel Vintage Toy Of The Week: Masters Of The Universe!

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