Vintage Toy: Stinkor!

In 1985 a favorite stinky figure was released for Masters of the Universe. Stinkor whose plastic was molded with patchouli oil stunk up homes all over the world.

Stink 1 Vintage Toy: Stinkor!

Created by recoloring Mer-Man, Stinkor was given the paint scheme of black with white stripes giving him the appearance of a skunk. Recolored armor from Mechaneck gave Stinkor a cool breathing apparatus so he didn’t stink himself out.

Having one of the coolest and very memorable weapons, Stinkor came with a bright blue shield which was a repaint of the battle worn piece that came with the Castle Grayskull weapons rack.

Stink 2 732x1024 Vintage Toy: Stinkor!

This find was a bit tough, he is in very good shape with the stinky scent still there if you smell him close to your nose–apparently he smells a little like the “Mid-summers Night” Yankee Candle. The legs are a bit loose and the waist is loose, he feels a bit fragile, but still looks good with very little paint wear.

Stink 3 768x1024 Vintage Toy: Stinkor!

Stinkor was a good find and special because he was a present to a friend who is a big fan of Stinkor.

Stink 4 Vintage Toy: Stinkor!

Great vintage toy!

pixel Vintage Toy: Stinkor!

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