Violent Stabbing At Comic Con

I always thought Comic Con attendees would get violent over limited edition exclusives before any other scheduled events but I was wrong.  USA Today reported that two guys in their mid twenties got into a fight in Hall H as Unversal was presenting Jon Favreau’s(director of Iron Man movies) Cowboy & Aliens.  As the two guy were fighting, one got stabbed in the eye with a pen.  The victim was taken to a hospital while the stabber got restrained and arrested by the cops.   I don’t know the details of the incident but I’m predicting they probably got into a fight over seating.  But in the end, two adults shouldn’t have had to fight because of a movie preview.  That’s just pathetic and gives 99.9% of the well behaved nerds a bad name.

But this is what happens when people camp out to Hollywood panels and there’s not enough room for everybody.  Hall H  is probably the biggest hall they have and the lines are still ridiculously long.  While majority of the fans waiting to get in to Hall H are well behaved, I can see the stress on the their faces whether they could get in or not.  This causes tension and guess what?  Someone finally snapped today.  Instead of having fun, some attendees get carried away and take the event too seriously.  This kind of tension also happens at the Exhibit floor where companies are selling limited exclusive collectibles. The lines can be really long just to get a damn ticket and it doesn’t even guarantee a purchase.  It just assures you that you’ll have a chance of getting an overpriced exclusive, imagine that.

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Like I’ve said on previous articles, while I enjoy Comic Con, it is getting too crowded for its own good.  Everyone and their grandma is attending the event and it creates stress for everybody.  What Comic Con can do is either limit the number of Hollywood panels or move to a bigger location.  I doubt they’ll reject Hollywood from going to the event because it brings the organization publicity and moolah.  So the latter option makes more sense.  There’s a rumor that Comic Con might move from San Diego to Los Angeles after there contract is up in 2012.  The biggest factor for the move would be over capacity.

pixel Violent Stabbing At Comic Con

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