Voltron Classics: Red And Blue Lion!

Continuing off of the Green and Yellow Lions from the Club Lion Force, Voltron Classics collection, are the Red and Blue Lions!

Lance 1 Voltron Classics: Red And Blue Lion!

Lance is the hot shot pilot of the Red Lion, the first piece sent on the subscription. Named Isamu ‘Moody’ Kurogane in the original Go-Lion, Lance seems to have a hissy fit when he doesn’t get his way—who could blame him, after all, he has to be under Keith when he truly is the best—or so he thinks…
Lance comes in a great collector’s box with awesome Anime art on the front and a window to show the figure inside.

Lance 2 992x1024 Voltron Classics: Red And Blue Lion!

The back of the box has a great selection of information and images.

Lance 3 1018x1024 Voltron Classics: Red And Blue Lion!

The inner tray features the figure, alternate head, stand that doubles as a key to the cockpit and a piece of the “Collect and Connect” Blazing Sword—the handle, sits alone in such a large space…
The gun at his waist is attached and cannot be held in his hand, which is a shame because he does have an open hand but has nothing to hold in it.

Princess Allura, called Fala in Go-Lion, has always been my favorite of the group for many reasons. With the DEATH of Shirogane (Sven) she takes it upon herself to pilot the Blue Lion in order to keep her home world safe from the blue-skinned, pointy-eared freaks and their ugly witch with the wicked cat. (I know their names; I’m just trying to paint a nasty picture)! Poor Allura crashes, almost gets killed, and can barely keep the damn thing airborne—now this may make her look like a weak, hapless female, but it doesn’t, she is a Princess, her duties are to care about matters of State and keep her people happy, she just jumped in the lion because no one would give her a chance. Now, because of her bravery in wanting to help the space adventurers and almost getting herself killed, she was taken over her nanny’s knee to the laughter of the Voltron Guys and then when that didn’t work, she was tied up but her space mice got her free and she continued to do what was right for her people by forcefully taking flight in the Blue Lion and learning how to use it. The actions of Princess Allura make her a great female character and even a better Princess—she is a hero to her people, so what if she is one of the legs.

Allura 1 968x1024 Voltron Classics: Red And Blue Lion!

The bright blue package features a window to see this great cartoon detailed figure.

Allura 2 981x1024 Voltron Classics: Red And Blue Lion!

The back of the box has some great info and for some reason her stand/key is pink and not blue in one of the pictures??? Good job on that one…

Allura 3 1001x1024 Voltron Classics: Red And Blue Lion!

The inner tray comes complete with the hand guard of the Blazing Sword and one of two halves of the sword stand complete with directions. Allura is a very satisfying figure, I really feel that they did a good job with the sculpt, the one thing I was worrying about for it being the 4th installment of the subscription.

Shirogane 1 675x1024 Voltron Classics: Red And Blue Lion!

If Princess Allura is not your first choice for piloting the Blue Lion we have the Club Lion Force exclusive figure Sven, called Takashi ‘Quiet’ Shirogane in Go-Lion—and from now on, Shirogane. Shirogane is the only pilot figure packaged on a card and in a bubble. This figure features great artwork on the front with a hardy bubble housing the nicely sculpted figure. Included are the alternate head and a blue figure stand that doubles as the key to the Blue Lion.

Shirogane 2 700x1024 Voltron Classics: Red And Blue Lion!

The back of the card features info on the character and great cartoon art of his last day before Haggar and a Beastman (Robeast) send him to a coffin filled with white flowers and a heartfelt funeral.
For those who don’t get what I’m saying, I’ll explain. Sven (as he was called) was NOT injured and sent away to another planet to recover; he did not return later looking different; Sven was KILLED and he wasn’t coming back. ‘Quiet’ Shirogane was the bravest of them all, facing two deadly opponents with nothing more than a sword, he lost his life while protecting his friends—and that fans, is how Sven should be remembered, as Shirogane—just look at his outfit, you can’t get more Japanese than that!

RL 1 1024x599 Voltron Classics: Red And Blue Lion!

The Red Lion is an exceptional piece; being the first to arrive, you open it not really knowing the size until it is in your hands. Larger than some G.I. Joe vehicles, the wow factor gets you pumped for the remaining four lions as you wonder how big Voltron will really be! Now, if you were at the 2011 SDCC, you already knew—pictures just don’t do this set justice.
Housed in a showcase package, the Red Lion brings awe to the collector as you ask yourself—“where the hell am I going to display this?”

RL 2 1024x510 Voltron Classics: Red And Blue Lion!

The back of the showcase features a ton of info.

Blu 1 1024x597 Voltron Classics: Red And Blue Lion!

The Blue Lion is the most beautiful of them all—for now… Very solid and possibly detailed better than the others, Princess Allura’s or Shirogane’s cat is going to serve the whole of Voltron well as the right leg. The Showcase package is too nice to open, but this is Voltron and it’s meant to be assembled and not simply looked at.

Blu 2 1024x576 Voltron Classics: Red And Blue Lion!

The back of the box has character and vehicle info—just like the others!

Blu Red 1 1024x678 Voltron Classics: Red And Blue Lion!

Unboxed and side by side, the Red and Blue lions feature mostly decent paint applications. The joints are OK—especially on the Red Lion where they are oddly tight—the first one off the factory floor had to be good so people would buy the others. The blue lion is very nice, the great detail on the top of the head is missing along with action features such as missiles and the launching of the Red Lion’s head, but all in all, they are both nicer than the almost identical Green and Yellow Lion’s.

Blu Red 2 1024x656 Voltron Classics: Red And Blue Lion!

The cockpits open well, the Red Lion’s doors are much better than the Green’s and the Blue Lion opens just as well as the Yellow. The sticker application is mixed, some straight, some not, but at this point, who really cares.

Blu Red 3 1024x825 Voltron Classics: Red And Blue Lion!

Forming a foot and a leg, the Blue Lion locks together well, however one of the legs on the front rocks and opens a bit easily for my tastes, this is reflected in the complete Voltron; other than that, the head is tight and the legs are mostly OK. The tail is painted so it’s important to watch with being rough with it because it can chip.
Forming an arm, the Red Lion is pretty tight and that is once again probably because it was the first one out of production and they wanted to—maybe fool people? There were a lot of disappointments out there though, so I’m going to chalk it up to getting a good one.
Both the arm pin and the leg slot seem fine, although when attaching the leg there is some difficulty, the release button works fine when its time to take Voltron apart. The action feature, quick change buttons all work fine as long as the legs don’t open up before you get to press it.

The inclusion of the mouth weapons is nonetheless the only added extras and there is an instruction sheet that when not needed anymore, fits inside the figure boxes out of sight and out of mind.

GRADE: Based On Quality.

Lance: A (One of the better figures, very little flaws).

Princess Allura: A+ (I’m very satisfied with this figure, I was really worried about how it would turn out. She has a great sculpt and the paint applications seem to be very good).

Shirogane (Sven): A (Minimal flaws and just awesome that he finally has a figure, although I wish he would have been in a matching box so it wouldn’t be somewhat fragile, I think Shirogane (Sven) is a great addition for the collectors shelf).

Red Lion: A (Although there are sticker flaws and paint flaws, this lion is well made and it made me happy and surprised when I received it—the shock value at least regarding its size).

Blue Lion: A- (I wanted to give the Blue Lion an “A” plus, but with the difficult leg(s), I just can’t. The lion is all around nice, but could have been better. I don’t care about the lack of detail, not having vac-metal legs or any of that, but I wish the build was tighter).

Next up and finally, Keith, the humongous Black Lion and giant 23” tall Voltron!


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