Walking Dead Recap and Highlights (with Spoilers!)

 Walking Dead Recap and Highlights (with Spoilers!)

There is a certain amount of uneasiness that the sleepy little town of Alexandria inspires in our main characters. They’ve already given in to their fantasy of a “normal life” when they were back at the prison but all their dreams were effectively blown to bits by the governor. They’re understandably gun-shy. Here are some takeaways from last night’s episode:

Rick making moves on a married woman – It’s been a while for Rick so it’s hard to blame him for giving in to his urges. There’s obvious chemistry there and although he’s breaking standard gentlemanly protocol, this is, after all the apocalypse.  Gotta get it while you can, I guess.

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Sasha cracking under the pressure – She lost her boyfriend and brother within the span of a few episodes so again, its reasonable to think that she might start to come unglued, especially when everyone in Stepfordville is so dang happy. I mean seriously,  what’s wrong with people?? Don’t they know what dangers are lurking just a few hundred yards away?

Daryl being brought into the fold – Who woulda thought that all it would take was a plate of spaghetti and the prospect of rebuilding a chopper from the ground up? Then again, he did find a common ground with Aaron over the loss of that beautiful horse. Poor thing was introduced and killed off in the same episode.

Maggie’s’s miraculous recovery – She is adjusting to life in the new town amazingly well. She has lost her dad and sister and she’s all smiles. Then again she still has her husband Glenn for support so I guess she’s one of the lucky ones.

Officer Michonne – Michonne seems to really want this, whatever this is. She has literally hung up her sword and donned a uniform, even. Then again, she’s definitely a great fit for the job. Who besides Rick is a better candidate to protect and serve?

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Whats up with the W carved into the zombie’s forehead?  Is it an homage to Inglorious Basterds? Does it stand for Walker? And who’s out there defacing the walking dead like a lunatic and making people nervous?

The angel of death threats, Carol, serving up cookies with a side of death by zombie for good measure – The plot to sneak into the gun storage so soon was risky to begin with. It was obvious her whole delusion about being invisible was going to be a bust. And that cheesy smile she was wearing with that obnoxious blue jacket…. yeesh. But threatening to leave a little kid tied up outside to be ripped apart by walkers if he blabs is a definitely taking things to a new level. And here I thought euthanasia was her thing…

Rick hugging the wall at the end – It must’ve been a weird sensation to be in front of a wall that could provide so much protection.  The fences of the prison kept falling down and the walkers were easily visible. But these walls are made of tall slabs of sheet metal. The flimsy walkers won’t be getting through that very easily. Letting down one’s guard isn’t easy but it needs to be done every now and then, if only for sanity’s sake.

Like Glenn said, they were almost out there too long.





pixel Walking Dead Recap and Highlights (with Spoilers!)

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