Walking Dead Season 4 Finale Recap (with Spoilers!)

The Walking Dead Season 4 Cast Banner3 Walking Dead Season 4 Finale Recap (with Spoilers!)

So another season of The Walking Dead has come to a close. I rewatched the episodes they aired before the finale because I wanted a refresher but also because I knew this was the last one and I was already feeling the loss. Not sure if this is true but the season 4 finale is being called the most watched TV episode ever. I knew the numbers would be big. The show is damn popular. Even Dish got smart and finally jumped on board.

While I was happy that some loose ends were resolved, there were still some questions left unanswered. The previous episode where Rick had to fight his way out of that house had a lot of foreshadowing and I’m glad I rewatched it. I figured they were the same group that Daryl hooked up with, but it was solidified when the one guy “claimed” the bed after the other guy was already laying in it.  Rick had exhibited a bit of brutality in escaping the hooligans that definitely played a part later when he ran into them again. Glad to see Daryl back with his “brother”.

terminus talking dead1 Walking Dead Season 4 Finale Recap (with Spoilers!)

I have to say, though, that just the name Terminus had negative connotations to it.  Just look at the other words related to it: terminal, termination, term paper…  Every time that word popped up, all I kept thinking was it meant the end of the line, particularly with the railroad leading there. Then we have that oddly pleasant lady barbecuing. My first question was “What the hell is she cooking??”

So what happened to Beth? We saw her get abducted by an old black Cadillac with tinted windows and a big cross on the back leaving poor Daryl alone in the world again.

the walking dead alone daryl Walking Dead Season 4 Finale Recap (with Spoilers!)

Could there be a connection between them and the cult at Terminus? Has to be. They didn’t show her again so I’m hoping she’s going to appear at some point soon and not as some crispy shish-kebob on the fire.  She had that monologue about surviving and was really hitting home the fact that she wasn’t like Beth or Michonne and yet there she was, still alive. While she’s not buff and aggressive, she’s not exactly the big cream puff everyone thinks she is.

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So perhaps she’ll play it different and “join” the cult, only to help the others escape later. Then again, she also told Daryl he was going to miss her which came true already. I hope there wasn’t any more to that.

There’s also Carol and Tyrese. We know they’re headed somewhere with Judith, question is: where? I like that Ric buried the weapons bag but it seemed odd to me that if they were so suspicious of Terminus, why not let a couple people hang back while a couple go in? This leaves a huge opening for Carol and Tyrese to come and help them escape. Not to mention Ric being so confident in the box car to the point that he was laughing. I definitely didn’t see the boxcar thing coming, although it was nice to see the gang back together.  And now they have some new members (who also appear in the comics).

Michael Cudlitz Christian Serratos and Josh McDermitt in The Walking Dead Walking Dead Season 4 Finale Recap (with Spoilers!)

MAY082219 Walking Dead Season 4 Finale Recap (with Spoilers!)

While I can’t say the episode was mind-blowing, I am relieved to see that none of the main characters got offed. Someone dropped a major spoiler on me from the comics a while back about one of the characters meeting their demise and I’m just glad to see that it hasn’t happened…. yet. Until October, I’ll just have to amuse myself with Walking Dead memes to keep from going through withdrawals …

The Walking Dead Season 3 Meme Season Finished Rick Carl Cry 2 DeadShed Walking Dead Season 4 Finale Recap (with Spoilers!)

 Walking Dead Season 4 Finale Recap (with Spoilers!)

pixel Walking Dead Season 4 Finale Recap (with Spoilers!)

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