Weekend Movie Review Roundup: Light Boo Boo Edition

swan Weekend Movie Review Roundup: Light Boo Boo Edition

It’s one week before Christmas and the biggest movie of December comes out today, Tron: Legacy.  It’s being countered by another kids movie, Yogi Bear, in 3D of course and a romantic flick Owen Wilson.

In the nerd universe, Tron: Legacy is getting plenty of buzz but everywhere else, no one seems to really care about it.   Analysts are expecting about $35 million for the weekend.  I thought it would have a higher take for sure since the budget is around $150 – $170 million.  Over at Rottentomaotes, it’s getting mixed reviews with a 47% score.  Majority are saying that the visuals are really good but it’s also emotionless.  Some might argue that it’s similar to the original cult classic flick but Disney should’ve improved on the movie’s weakness.  Village Voice states “Given the movie’s graphic pizzazz, the best hippie wisdom Bridges might offer the viewer is: Turn off your mind, relax, and float downstream.”I’ll be seeing it this weekend and just expect to enjoy the special effects.

Warner Brothers is hoping to cash in with CG 3-D movies with Yogi Bear.  The critics is tearing Yogi and Boo Boo a new one, only getting a 12% positive rating.  New York Times hated the movie: “A bland 21st-century family comedy without a single moment that captures the wit, energy or sophistication of the original, which by now dates back more than 50 years.”  It sounds far worse than Alvin and the Chipmunks, but that was a hit so this one might make a lot of money as well.

Reese Witherspoon stars with Owen Wilson in a romantic comedy, How Do You Know.  It’s getting a bad score of 37%.  Most rom-coms do fall in this score because they’re cliche’d and predictable.  These type of movies are making less and less money at the box office so expect a halt to these type of movies in the future.  Hollywood.com writes “Clever lines and a fine performance by Owen Wilson aren’t enough to redeem this flat and oddly unnerving comedy.”

I’ll be seeing Tron for sure, the rest can definitely be ignored.  See you at the movies!

pixel Weekend Movie Review Roundup: Light Boo Boo Edition

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