Weekend Movie Review Roundup: I Love Black Warriors Edition

warriors way Weekend Movie Review Roundup: I Love Black Warriors Edition

This week brings us several new movies including a Korean/American movie that’s similar to 300 in style.  Jim Carrey is back with a comedy while director Darren Aronofsky directs Natalie Portman in a drama.  Let’s take a look at the movies.

Warrior’s Way is from a Korean director, Sngmoo Lee.  The movie has the “300” effect with the green screen background and lots of blood.  The critics at Rotten Tomatoes are divided with this movie, scoring a 45%.  Some say it’s good while others say it’s a little bit much.  The story is about a swordsman who comes to Western U.S. to start a new life.  Of course that doesn’t happen and he has to kill more bad guys.  KPBS.org describes it, “If Sergio Leone ever made an Asian-western video game, this would be it. And I say that with a certain sense of joy.”  I’ll probably rent this because of the low score.

I haven’t been watching much tv the past several weeks and this is the main reason that I didn’t know a Jim Carrey movie was being released today.  Either that or the marketing for this movie really sucks.  His new movie is called “I Love You Phillip Morris.”  It’s about a gay man who commits crimes so he can live his life to the fullest.  Ewan McGregor stars as his boyfriend.  The movie is getting an above average rating of 77%.  The movie is described as funny and sentimental by bullz-eye.com, “Laugh-out-loud funny at moments and surprisingly touching in others, I Love You Phillip Morris has the potential to be a dark horse contender come awards season.”  The premise sounds interesting, I might watch this on Sunday.

Black Swan, is Aronofsky’s first movie since The Wrestler.  The movie stars Natalie Portman as a dancer hoping to get the lead role of a stage show, Swan Lake.  She has competition in Mila Kunis as they fight for the role.  Sounds like Showgirls again but supposedly this is a gripping movie from start to finish.  It’s getting an excellent 86%.  Film.com liked Portman’s acting “Natalie Portman’s take on searing sensuality fused with desperate depression cries out for attention.”  While it’s getting good reviews, I’ll rent this as well.   I don’t really go to movies to watch drama.

Those are the movies for the weekend!  See you at the lobby!

pixel Weekend Movie Review Roundup: I Love Black Warriors Edition

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