Weekend Movie Review Roundup: Social Sucker Edition

LetMeIn Poster1 Weekend Movie Review Roundup: Social Sucker Edition

It looks like a fun weekend for movie fans because there’s a movie for everybody: social commentary about Facebook, a remake vampire drama and a martial arts flick.  All three are getting positive reviews.  Let’s take a closer look at the movies opening this weekend.

Directed by David Fincher (Zodiac, Benjamin Button), The Social Network is about struggle and rise of Facebook creator Mark Zuckerberg.  The movie is getting overwhelmingly positive reviews at 98% on Rotten TomatoesEast Bay Express commented “The Social Network is a bland title for such a thrilling, ballsy, intelligent movie.”  I’ll definitely watch this movie because Fincher makes awesome social commentary movies including Se7en and Fight Club.

Let Me In is a remake from the Swedish film Let The Right One In.  The original is becoming a cult film so director Matt Reeves (Cloverfield) had a lot to live up to.  The remake stars Chloe Moretz (Kick-Ass) as the girl vampire who befriends a human boy.  Let Me In is getting great reviews and stands at 84%.  New York Times described the movie, “It is at once artful and unpretentious, more interested in intimacy and implication than in easy scares or slick effects.”  I guess Reeeves did a good job with the remake.

Last but not definitely not least  is Ip Man.  It’s a 2 year old (sequel was already made and a 3rd is being planned) HK martial arts flick that’s finally being released in the U.S.  This is one of my favorite kung fu movies and stars Donnie Yen (Blade 2, Hero) as a kung fu master during the World War 2 in China.  It’s also getting rave reviews and scoring a high 79%.  Village Voice enjoyed the movie:  “Legend trumps fact in Ip Man, a kickass fictionalized biopic of the titular grandmaster of Wing Chun martial arts and mentor to Bruce Lee.”

You really can’t go wrong with the three releases this week.  Ip Man you can already buy on DVD and Blu Ray from website overseas.  It might be a better option and it’ll save you money if you’re taking a date with you.  Social Network is a must see for me so I”ll see you at the movies!

pixel Weekend Movie Review Roundup: Social Sucker Edition

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