White Rock Shooter!

WRS 10 White Rock Shooter!

Straight from Japan and after about 7 months on pre-order is Black Rock Shooter: The Game-Premium White Box.

WRS 9 White Rock Shooter!
This is the definitive version of the first Black Rock Shooter video game. Playable on any PSP world wide and in the Japanese language, BRS: The Game came in a large and beautiful box with great head-shot images of Black Rock Shooter and White Rock Shooter. This set comes complete with the PSP game which once again is playable in all PSP systems, however it is entirely in Japanese so it’s feel it out as you go along–unless you know Japanese.

WRS 8 White Rock Shooter!
Also included is the video game soundtrack which is also playable in all CD/DVD players.  The music is awesome and features the usual keyboards and synth sound, you can picture the fight scenes when listening to it.  The soundtrack is in a hardback book style case and has a few pages of art from the game itself–sort of a mini art book.

WRS 7 1024x603 White Rock Shooter!
The feature however is the White Rock Shooter, Figma action figure. WRS comes encased in a multi-layer shell which houses a large selection of accessories which include, 2 fully articulated mechanical wings with each section on ball joints for maximum movement. Also there is a mounting piece that attaches to the figures back that holds the wings. There is a swappable hood for her jacket that has armor, however it appears too football like so I didn’t use it.

WRS 6 1024x551 White Rock Shooter!

WRS also has 2 faces to swap out with the standard which is already attached. The attached face is straight forward concentration while the other 2 have her sticking out her tongue and her screaming with her fangs showing. There is also swappable bangs with the flaming eye in red/pink which matches the blue flame that Black Rock Shooter has. White Rock Shooter has a huge scythe so she can harvest some victims with ease. The weapon has a detachable hand guard and looks cool when the reddish/pink edge has light behind it. The usual articulated stand is included and so are a multitude of hands that are mounted to a tree. WRS includes closed fists, open flat, and a jointed set of gripping hands and a straight set of gripping hands.

WRS 5 1024x808 White Rock Shooter!
The figure of White Rock Shooter is absolutely beautiful! She appears to be 5 feet tall and weighing 87 pounds, she seems to be taller than the Black Rock Shooter Figma, so that’s what I’m guessing… Her body is articulated in many ways, starting from her head, her pig tails move on ball joints and so does her head. Her outfit has a slight glitter-like shine to it and offers a removable hood to swap out with the piece mentioned earlier with the armor. The fully articulated wings looks awesome on her back, she appears to be so powerful just from those extra pieces. Just like Black Rock Shooter, White Rock Shooter has a string bikini top and little shorts, she also has a hooded jacket in white with a black star. WRS is wearing something resembling arm warmers and on her lower half she has thigh socks, high heels and what look to be fancy knee pads.

WRS2 1024x783 White Rock Shooter!
White Rock Shooter is an amazing Figma, I’m glad that she didn’t have a proper box so I was forced to set her up to display her. In this final photo I have her facing Black Rock Shooter and she looks like she’s going to brutalize BRS without any problem! Waiting behind is Dead Master…and Mato is begging to get out of her box…

WRS 1 1024x410 White Rock Shooter!
Perfect in every way.


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