Who Are These Guys?

pic 1 Who Are These Guys?

DID is a company that makes 12″ action figures. This time around, they get political. With the election just around the corner, the toy manufacturer releases some teaser pics of some weird looking guys. Who are they suppose to be?

The winner in next week’s election will be made into an action figure. DID should also release the VPs. I think that it would sell more seeing that one VP is a hot redneck cougar.

These figures look comical. They look nothing like their real life counterparts. Enjoy the pics!

pic 5 Who Are These Guys?
Thinking about that hot cougar.

pic 8 Who Are These Guys?
He comes with 3 headsculpts

pic 10 Who Are These Guys?

Given the teaser pics that was provided. It seems like DID knows who’s going to win next week.

pixel Who Are These Guys?

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