Skin-showing Clone Wars ladies

sexy starwars Skin showing Clone Wars ladies

Ahsoka Tano

A  recent blog  for Clone Wars/SW fans asserts that the female characters in Cartoon Network`s Clone Wars  are “over-sexualized” by their “scanty” attire, especially Jedi apprentice Ahsoka Tano and the older Aayla Secura.  It`s true that the male Jedis on the show wear long, monk-like robes and/or cropped pants, while Aayla and Ahsoka wear somewhat less.  But I`m not sure if their clothing can be construed as scanty.  Consider AT`s costume: a leather halter top with a short brown skirt and leggings.  I never thought of it as particularly  sexy or revealing.  This is reinforced by the fact that Ahsoka is someone who is concerned with becoming a better Jedi, not  dancing in  a cantina.  We usually see her in action scenes, running, leaping, and wielding her light saber.  Aayla S. does show cleavage, but no more so than your average comic book heroine.

sexy aayla Skin showing Clone Wars ladies
Aayla Secura

In fact,  costumes for comic book women are far more revealing.  Look at recent interpretations of Supergirl: she`s always drawn with her navel front and center, regardless of the kind of shirt she wears.  You can point  to numerous examples of  breath-taking cleavage, from  Power Girl to the Scarlet Witch.  Next to these costumes, Ahsoka and Aayla look amazingly modest.  Now I`m no prude-I have no intrinsic problem with  this, since showing skin (male and female) is a  comic book/SF tradition of sorts.   Male heroes have always dressed to show off their chest and leg muscles, sometimes even bursting out of their shirts.  It`s interesting that  no one worries about, say, Anakin Skywalker`s pants “over-sexualizing” him.   This is something that is applied far more to female characters, as if they are somehow more vulnerable-even if they have good light  saber skills or super strength.  In some ways, fretting about their  attire seems  to be a politically correct put-down, or an over serious misreading of pop culture.

sexy supergirl Skin showing Clone Wars ladies

Ahsoka`s  costume has been modified: she now often wears a long brown tunic over gray leggings.  It remains to be seen if fans will deem her more serious or not. She never had a problem fighting with bare legs before.  As noted previously, I guess I did not notice because I was far more interested in her as a hero, and she is a competent and powerful one.

pixel Skin showing Clone Wars ladies

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