WonderCon Going Back To SF?

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Anaheim was the host of WonderCon this year because the original place of Moscone Center in SF was renovated.   It was suppose to be a one time event in Anaheim but Comic-Con PR, David Glanzer said he’s not sure where WonderCon will end up next.  In an interview with icv2, he mentions that it’s hard to plan ahead with Moscone Center because they don’t know the available dates 6 months prior to the event.  He’s not sure if there were more attendees at Anaheim because he doesn’t have the final numbers but from what he saw, it seemed like the event was more crowded.  He expected less attendees for the Anaheim event because it was the first time WonderCon was held somewhere else.  He also said that the Anaheim event had more vendors and exhibitors.  Majority was happy with their sales.  There’s probably a good chance WonderCon will be back in Anaheim next year but Glanzer said San Francisco is his top priority.

Make sure to read the  link below because it’s a good read on what it takes to plan a convention.

Source: Icv2

pixel WonderCon Going Back To SF?

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