Worst Comic Books of 2012

For every amazing comic book that’s come out, there’s been one that’s absolutely atrocious, these are the comic books I feel completely failed on both a storytelling and artistic level and made us question why the hell was this thing even released?!

AmazingSpiderMan EndsOfTheEarth Teaser5 Worst Comic Books of 2012


Writer: Dan Slott

Artists: Ryan Stegman, Stefano Caselli, Humberto Ramos

Oh Spider-Man, possibly the character that has been consistently destroyed for the past few years, due in no small part to the fantastic (sarcasm) work of Dan Slott, who in a stroke of complete and utter genius just made Doc Ock the new Spider-Man.

Now this little fact alone should be enough to explain why this comic is as bad as it is, but even before this pointless and moronic change, the series has been just one disappointment after another and the worst part is all his stories that he hyped up before release actually had a lot of potential o be something great.

Give Spidey a side kick? It could work if the new character was well written, interesting and he actually lasted more than four goddamn issues before just being tossed aside because Slott didn’t know what the hell to do with him.

He also does that thing with Spider-Man which I absolutely despise with a burning passion, he gives the character this naive idea that no one can die, if anything goes wrong it’s my fault and im responsible for everything….. Even though most of the time I have no power over it or it’s some one else’s fault.

Marvel does not get Spider-Man anymore and I wish we never see the character again because then we wouldn’t have to see him be butchered by terrible writing.

Worlds Finest 6 Huntress Batmans Robin Worst Comic Books of 2012


Writer: Paul Levitz

Artist: George Perez

This was a series that I was actually excited to see, the Huntress mini series that was also written by Paul Levitz was actually pretty good, sure many fans cried foul due to Helena Bertineli becoming Helena Wayne of Earth-2 but that did little to detract from the great writing and fantastic art work.

Sadly none of that translated into this sequel series which stars Huntress and Power Girl both from Earth-2 as they try to make their way back home after being gone for more than 5 years, this could be an interesting ongoing plot however the writing is so bad it will make you cringe.

It feels like terrible fan fiction written by a five year old, and the art is barf inducting, it makes me sick to even look at it, what happened to the artist from the Huntress mini?! Why not get him back so the series could have at least something to make up for the writing?

I say pick up the Huntress mini series, its six issues, well written and beautifully drawn and just skip this one entirely.

SM Cv7 akjsdhfa7s6d9021478690 Worst Comic Books of 2012


Writer: George Perez, Keith Griffen, Dan Jurgens, Scott Lobdell

Artists: Nicola Scott, Keith Griffen, Trevor Scott, Jesus Moreno, Dan Jurgens, Kenneth Rocafort

Like many DC characters, Superman’s tittles lack consistency, some times they’re great and sometimes they are terrible, sadly it’s more of the later than the former. While all the Justice League heroes have pretty good on going series, the best book in the Superman family is ironically Supergirl.

The main Superman book is a bland and lifeless interpretation of the character and the fact that it has had 4 different creative teams working on it in the span of a year clearly shows this.

None of the great Superman villains you know and love are here and have been replaced by new generic and one dimensional alien threats that try to be cool but end up being about as interesting as a 12 hour documentary about toe nails.

If you really NEED a Superman book each month, just pick up Supergirl, the series is well written, it executes the last of my kind idea leaps and bounds better than this waste of time and paper.

9794 Worst Comic Books of 2012


Writer: Jeph Loeb

Artist: Simone Bianchi

Oh Jeph Loeb, what happened to you? It blows my mind when the same man who wrote the excellent Batman: The Long Halloween and Spider-Man: Blue was capable of writing something this unbelievably god awful. While the series has been slipping in quality ever since Jason Aaron ended his run, it certainly wasn’t bad enough to be on the list.

Loeb had to rectify this so he wrote a four issue story called “Sabretooth Reborn” a sequel to his “Evolution” story which was also panned by critics and fans and resulted in the death of Sabretooth, Wolverines arch nemesis.

You’d think with Sabretooth coming back and his knowledge of Wolverines life and his personality, he would form some master plan to completely break Wolverine and finally dead his long time enemy, what we get instead is retcon where Weapon X, was actually Wolverines idea…..

This is indicative of the larger problems with the character, while his back-story being a mystery might have been cool for a while, it pretty much means that anyone can add what ever the fuck he/she wants to his back story, yet another pointless change to continuity that perfectly fits into the Marvel trend of constant pointless changes to the status quo.


As I said in the beginning throughout the year there would be bad comic books, but I want to end the article on a positive note, while there were a handful of truly terrible series, there were plenty of amazing ones to make up for these, so go pick those up and forget these even exist.

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