X-Man’s Steps to Getting a Girl Interested in YOU!!!

Step 2: The introductory stage! If you have decided that for some reason you are the type of guy she would go for, then you are going to have to think of a slick and smooth move on how you can introduce yourself. This is a highly important stage because this could be the first impression that she gets of you if she has not already talked to you. I have been to many places (examples: clubs, bars, kickbacks, professional sporting events, jobs, schools, etc.) and you won’t believe how many guys come up with some stupid line. If the guy doesn’t have any lines, then he ends up gettin’ all nervous and studders something that makes ’em look like a fool or makes one say “OK???”. So guys, always come up with something simple and polite. Here is an example on what you could say. “Hey how are you doing? I am ______” After you say that, the girl will then say something like “Hi, I am ______” Then what you can say is “Nice to meet you ______.” Then she will probably repeat what you just said or say something similar. Just remember that even if she doesn’t seem to want to talk, there could be several reasons why. Maybe she is shy or doesn’t have anything to say. That is where you can ask some general questions (but not too personal or stupid). Depending on where you are at you can relate a question to the environment where you two are currently at (example: If you are at school you can ask how long she has been going to this school or what is her major and how much longer does she have). Simple things like that can get you guys into a decent conversation. I can go on and tell you the conversation that would probably exist, but that’s not my job to do. I am here simply just givin’ you guys tips ON HOW TO GET A GIRL or at least increase your chances of gettin’ one. The one thing that I will reiterate is to always be POLITE and be CONFIDENT (no studdering). So even if she does turn you down by only givin’ you one word answers or just ignores you, then you can at least have your dignity. There probably will be some girls like this, but remember that not all girls will be this way. You are bound to succeed if you approach them with respect.

* On a side note……..I will be posting the next steps in the next few weeks and once I have completed all the steps I will copy and paste them all in one area so that they can be read all at once.

pixel X Mans Steps to Getting a Girl Interested in YOU!!!

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