X-Man’s Steps to Getting a Girl Interested in YOU!!!

STEP 1: First off you will need to do some research. Now when I say research I don’t mean go to the library and write a damn report. Naw none of that. What I mean is this…….you need to find out what the girl you are interested in likes and dislikes (examples: what does she like to do; where does she like to go; what kind of guys does she like; how old or young does she like her guys; what race does she normally go for; does she like guys with money or doesn’t matter; does she dislike sports; does she dislike drinking; does she dislike going to clubs; etc.). These are all things you will need to find out before you figure out if you even have a chance or not. Once you have done some research on what the girl likes and dislikes, then you can determine if YOU fit the type of person she normally goes for and if you do then you can proceed to STEP 2…….if you don’t then you probably have a better chance pursuing someone else

pixel X Mans Steps to Getting a Girl Interested in YOU!!!

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